Monday, June 6, 2011

S19 Team Rankings

1) Chicago Blagos - NL North
Notes: langer and the Blagos have been a postseason mainstay in ARod and all signs would point to that continuing. Looking for their 6th 100 win season in the past 7, hopes are high on the Northside once again.   Can Chicago get a great 2nd half of the season from Bronson Jiang when he gets off the DL?.
FA Departed: Michael Dong
FA Additions: Thumper Hurst, Lou Delahanty, Danys Hernandez
Trade Acquisitions: Louie Farley  

2) Jackson Colonels - AL South
Notes: With high expectations in S18, the Colonels failed to live up to the hype, compiling an 89-73 record(yes they were that high - voted most likely to win S18 WS). To address recent failures, Jackson went after and landed top FA Reese Hemphill to bolster the rotation----welcome home old boy.  Nothing is certain in the uber tough AL South, but the Colonels should be in the mix once again. 
FA Departed: Pete Franklin, Thumper Hurst, Terry Reid
FA Additions: Reese Hemphill, Jeremy James
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

3) Wichita Rocks - AL South
Notes: barjaz and the Rocks, Belichick and the Pats… The model of consistency in a frenzied ARod. A tip to rook owners, watch how Wichita handles their business and you may learn something. With his 5th division title in 7 seasons, barjaz has claimed dominance in the toughest division in ARod. With four 100 win seasons in 6 seasons, barjaz will not disappoint this season as the Rocks may again sit atop the division and possibly the league.  Will this be the year Abraham Matthews gets his AL MVP?
FA Departed: Gary Howard
FA Additions: Vasco Javier, Billy Painter
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired  

4) Charlotte Minute Men - AL South
Notes: safteyman enters S19 looking for his 5th straight 89+ win season. Finishing 3rd (in the best division in ARod) with a 89-73 record in S18. A long run of great drafts, smart FA signings and trades with unsuspecting noob's have built a powerhouse.  Bottom line, Charlotte is talented, safetyman is ferocious on the trade market and the Minute Men will once again compete for the Pennant.
FA Departed: PJ Griffey, Jeremy James, Floyd Grove
FA Additions: Omar Arroyo, Tomas Marquez, Tony Weiss
Trade Acquisitions: Ugueth Roque

5) Augusta Polar Bears - AL North
Notes: dengodd is coming off his first division title in his 13 seasons in ARod and a WS appearances. That WS appearance might have been pre-mature (that's what she said) as Augusta looks to have their best years in front of them with a stacked system and young talent at the ML level. Building off on his S18 record of 99-63, dengodd should not struggle to repeat as division champ in a fairly soft division.
FA Departed: JP Gonzalez, Turner Buckley, Wilbur Servais
FA Additions: Nerio Speier, Leon Ewing, Victor Rosado
Trade Acquisitions: none 

6) Vancouver Shock - NL West
Notes: Vancouver saw their 2nd 100 win season under bigparb13 in 7 seasons with a 100-62 record in S18. With 4 division titles under his belt, bigparb13 has yet to clinch the pennant. But this could be the season the Shock break through with what should be a great offense.  bigparb13 added Tacoma castoff, SP Stu Magee to an already hefty roster.
FA Departed: Wes Locke
FA Additions: Cesar Cordero, Denny Hogan, Stu Magee, David Calvo
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

7) Burlington Booya - NL East
Notes: The S18 Champs have been devastated through FA, but still have measurable talent left at the ML level. 104-58 in S18 would be very hard to top considering the losses in talent.   While another WS Championship series may be a stretch, there is little doubt that Burlington will be back soon under the leadership of tmantom3285.
FA Departed: Reese Hemphill, RJ Ordonez, Fergie O’Neill
FA Additions: Andruw George
Trade Acquisitions: Fritz Mullin 

8) St. Louis Red Birds - NL West
Notes: ronazbill saw his streak of 4 straight 90+ win seasons end in S18 with a final record of 88-74, which was still good enough to capture a wildcard spot. With his steady formula (what exactly is it ron - sitemail me your secrets ok) that yields a healthy winning percentage, the Red Birds should once again be in the hunt considering they had no major losses or acquisitions in the offseason.  Does Alex Torres get his NL Cy Young this year?
FA Departed: no notables
FA Additions: no notables
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired  

9) New Orleans Pelicans - NL South
Notes: gjd13 comes into S19 after capturing his 4 division title in the last five years in S18 with a record of 96-66. Without much change to the roster, we fully expect the Pelicans to win at least 90 games and at least grab a wild card bid.....(yawn).
FA Departed: Mike Colin
FA Additions: Kevin Grahe
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired  

10) Arizona Sun Dogs - AL West
Notes: 40_dog enters his 6th season in A.Rod have never tasted a sub .500 record. 40_dog will be looking for his 3rd division title and 2nd in a row, building off a 98-64 record in S18.  With one of the oldest teams in ARod if not all of WIS, can 40's geezers turn back the clock one mo time?
FA Departed: Carlos Flores
FA Additions: Sam Wilson, JP Gonzalez
Trade Acquisitions: Fergie Williams, Sam Carew  

11) Portland Lumberjacks - AL West
Notes: A.Rod welcomes ericwoody as he lucks out and grabs the offensive juggernaut built by Ebzer. A postseason mainstay, the losses suffered through FA shouldn’t hurt this franchise. Ebzer went 86-76 in S18 and as long as ericwoody can keep the ship in the same direction, we expect more of the same in S19.  Hitting = Scary;  Pitching = far less Scary
FA Departed: Tony Weiss, Sven Baez, Gerald Masato
FA Additions: Terry Reid, Adrian Messmer
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired  

12) Iowa City Rounders - NL South
Notes: the Rounders slipped to 3rd in the division for the first time in 3 seasons. With one of the strongest rotations in ARod (the arms in that rotation are sick), Ahsowhat elected to add bats through FA and looks to improve on S18’s 88-74 record.  Can Iowa steal that magic from Burlington and ride that pitching to a title?
FA Departed: no notables
FA Additions: Emmanuel Acquino, Hank Roberts, Mariano Sanchez
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

13) Tampa Bay Don Ceasars - NL South
Notes: The Don Ceasars are coming off their best record since cebola took the reigns with a 94-68 record in S18. With a big FA signing in SP Harry Lee, TB looks to improve on their division standing.  Just don't cross cebola, otherwise you'll be made an offer you can't refuse!!!
FA Departed: no notables
FA Additions: Harry Lee
Trade Acquisitions: Roy Miller 

14) Dover Devil Dogs - AL North
Notes: Rookie owner kimdog despite moderate franchise success has decided to stand pat for the most part. A very wise choice for a new owner. He will soon learn the type of talent he will need to compete with Augusta for division titles. 85-77 in S18 is solid, but there is a mighty gap between 2nd and 1st in the AL North.
FA Departed: Nerio Speier
FA Additions: none notable
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired   

15) Trenton Thunder - AL East
Notes: 50below has posted 4 straight 80+ win seasons and two division titles, including a 81-81 S19 finish that was good enough to claim the division. With no measurable losses and a talented roster, Trenton should be in the mix again in the AL East, thought it feels like Trenton 50 needs to do something big to get over the hump.
FA Departed: Bill McNichol, Phil Austin
FA Additions: no notables
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired  

16) Santa Fe Sluggers - AL South
Notes: tony23 is about to put in his 5th season in A.Rod and as part of the toughest division in the world, he hasn’t climbed out of the cellar yet, despite records that would win other divisions. An 84-78 finish in S18 would have won several divisions. With some great signings, tony23 could finally make the move up the standings.  Can we give RJ Ordonez the AL MVP yet?
FA Departed: Ken Priest, Sean Thomas, Hank Roberts
FA Additions: Ted Hooper, Tom Wallace, RJ Ordonez
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

17) Syracuse Psychos - AL East
Notes: gydk has been in ARod since its beginnings with unmatched success in that time. S18 cast a dark cloud on gydk’s record as the Psychos failed to reach the .500 mark for the first time in franchise history. Given his past history, it's not a stretch to expect the Psychos to rebound and return to the playoffs in S19; that said could it be time to re-build?
FA Departed: Sam Wilson, Glen Knight
FA Additions: Domingo Benitez
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired  

18) Scranton Squirrels - NL East
Notes: Scranton is home to one of the longest tenured owner in A.Rod, rcf106. Since S2, the Squirrels have been in the mix almost every season but has not claimed a division crown since S14. Coming off a disappointing 74-88 in S18, rcf106 and the Squirrrels look to grab the top spot in the NL East once again.
FA Departed: Harry Lee
FA Additions: Damian Katou
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired  

19) Las Vegas Bishes - NL West
Notes: 6 straight losing seasons for LV and with no major signings, hopefully their farm can pump in some talent to help change that trend. 78-84 in S18 was the best record funhat has posted in ARod.  Funhat has done a good job stockpiling talent, but looks to still be a season or two away from pushing Vancouver or St. Louis for the division title.
FA Departed: Cesar Cordero
FA Additions: no notables
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

20) Cincinnati Sextons -  AL North
Notes: This franchise has been waiting for an owner to replace the long time great dblaine. Asexton thinks that man is him and has been burning up the hot stove with a trade every cycle. Coming off the worst record in franchise history in S18 (79-83), this comeback will be no small feat.
FA Departed: Sal McDougal, Emmanuel Acquino
FA Additions: Pete Franklin, Miguel Rodriguez
Trade Acquisitions: Cam Bunning, Ryan Hughes 

21) Washington D.C. Senators - NL East
Notes: Patrick is heading into his 2nd season with the Senators after a 3rd place divisional finish in S18 with a 67-95 record. A work in progress Patrick is at the wheel of a franchise that hasn’t won 80 games since S10. Things should turn around soon in D.C. once those nasty contract signed by the idiot 1 season owner starscream.....what a dumb ass....the blog feels bad for patrick.
FA Departed: Domingo Benitez
FA Additions: Matty Mangual, Steve Woods
Trade Acquisitions: Dario Sabathia, Buddy Poole 

22) New York Yankees - AL East
Notes: With major trade acquisitions heading into S19, acesspade looks to make his move this season. The Yanks have not have a winning season since S11 and it would appear acesspade is looking for a return to glory this season.  Are you not entertained!!????
FA Departed: Dennis Kojima, Adrian Messmer,
FA Additions: Lyle Erickson, Dario Caldwell
Trade Acquisitions: Ronald Byrne, Benito Pulido, Alfonso Valentin, Diory Lopez  

23) Cleveland Curse - AL North
Notes: fast_eddie will be coming into his 2nd season with this franchise following up on an 77-85 S18 campaign. Patience if key in HBD and eddie is showing it as the rebuild is on.
FA Departed: Dario Caldwell
FA Additions: none
Trade Acquisitions: none 

24) Philadelphia River Rats - NL North
Notes: The River Rats have been on the cusp for sometime now, finishing 2nd in the division 3 out of the last 4 seasons. Coming off a disappointing 71-91 S18 campaign, ndrules looks to take Philly back to the dance with some new farm talent on the horizon.
FA Departed: no major losses
FA Additions: Ken Priest
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

25) Anaheim XMEN - AL West
Notes: Following back to back winning seasons, 82-80 in S18, mrx39 looks to continue the success in S19. Some big FA signings should help continue the streak.
FA Departed: Omar Arroyo, Damian Katou, Al Podsednik
FA Additions: Carlos Flores, Vasco Johnson
Trade Acquisitions: none 

26) Tucson Long Riders -  NL West
Notes: mtg54 is in his 1st season after replacing deerhunter63 (who may have hung around a year or two too long). Having only crossed the 80 winner barrier once in the past 5 seasons, mtg54 may have a big test on his hands. It will take more than a season and hopefully mtg54 will hang around long enough to see it corrected.  No doubt ARod legend Dante Ming will regret not having retired.
FA Departed: Tomas Marquez, Patsy Crow, Damaso Figureoa, Rich Johnson
FA Additions: Matthew Guerrier, Al Podsednik, Dewey Patterson
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

27) Texas Wildcats - NL South
Notes: carseneau spent a ton of cash last off season and then sold it off at the end of S18 when his record fell below .500 at 79-83. With some talent in the minors, Texas should prove to be a force in the seasons to come, that just may not be S19, especially with that pitching staff.....ouch.
FA Departed: Jimmie Estrada
FA Additions: no notables
Trade Acquisitions: Davey Gabriel 

28) Milwaukee Boomers - NL North
Notes: With the rebuild still on in Milwaukee, bigjasiu had a quiet offseason. A combined 111 wins in two seasons, not a great sign for S19. Hopefully the fans in Milwaukee won’t have to wait to much longer to see the Boomers in the postseason.  bigjasiu does have some great prospects coming through his systems and will not doubt be in the mix soon.
FA Departed: no notables
FA Additions: no signings
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

29) Tacoma Downriggers - NL North
Notes: Tacoma has been steady throughout the seasons, but recently holer has been riding the proverbial roller coaster. Coming off a 65-97 record in S18, ARod is anxiously waiting to see what we will get out of the Downriggers this year. One thing is for sure, holer won’t be down for long as Tacoma most likely struggles through S19.
FA Departed: Stu Magee
FA Additions: no notables
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

30) Boston Warbirds - NL East
Notes: A.Rod welcomes Ryan, but he has his hands full as he tries to recapture the franchises former glories. 53-109 under jlarsons in S18.  A re-build looks to be in order, but with the FA Additions and the trade for Bravo, perhaps ryan has other plans for his friends in the NL East.
FA Departed: Miguel Goya
FA Additions: Bob Bradley, Floyd Grove
Trade Acquisitions: Pablo Bravo 

31) Toledo Mud Hens - AL East
Notes: jimmy is in his 2nd season with a franchise that hasn’t won 60 games in 4 seasons. The turnaround in Toledo is on and with 3 trade acquisitions we may see an up tick in wins this season. While not much is expected from Toledo this season, jimmy looks to be on the right track of a long process.
FA Departed: no notables
FA Additions: no notables
Trade Acquisitions: Steve Carver, Pedro Valdez, Carlos Camacho  

32) Seattle Water Wolves - AL West
Notes: reigny had his return to A.Rod in S18, taking over a franchise that had not won 50 games in 3 seasons. A 23-137 record under lonely548 in S17 showed the lack of effort that this franchise had been shown. Reigny was able to rebound in S18 to the tune of 52-110. Make no mistake that all of ARod is thankful reigny is at the controls now, it will take awhile but he will have them back to their glory days.
FA Departed: Pedro Sierra
FA Additions: no major signings
Trade Acquisitions: no ML players acquired 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hall of Fame S19

ARod ......we've got a couple of no brainers here guys.  Lets get these guys into the H O F!!

1) SP Johnny Vernon :  It don't get no easier than this.   4-time World Series Champ; 6-time All-Star; 4-time Cy Young award winner; S1 Rookie of the Year; 163 wins with a career 3.03 ERA and 1.15 WHIP.  Johnny Vernon was one of the most dominate pitchers in early years of ARod.  His best season was S2 and his number were flat out ridiculous!!!  Vernon went 24-2 with a 1.88 ERA a 0.96 WHIP and he held hitters to a .192 batting avg.  Unbelievable!!!

2) SP Marvin Punto: actually did just get easier.  Wow!!  Just when you think you've seen it all with a guy like Vernon, then up steps his battery mate on the legendary Big Thunder squads, Marvin "Big Pitch" Punto.  5-time World Series Champ; 9-time All-Star; 3-time Cy Young award winner; 202 wins, 58 shutouts with a 3.10 ERA and 1.14 WHIP   .  If there has ever been a more dominant pitcher in ARod, I don't know who it is (my apologize to Dan Stuart, Jack Redmond and Albie Villiano).  Punto was unreal in the first 9 years of this world with 58 shutouts, an avg of 245 innings and 20 win's per year.  Punto's best season was S6 when he went 25-4 with 13 shutouts; he threw 251 innings, had 217 K's with a 2.44 ERA and a 0.93 WHIP.  Shit...

3) 1B Alfredo Sosa :   Alfredo "Big Show" Sosa was one of the true monster mashers of the ARod world.  Sosa never won a World Series but was a 6-time All-Star, S5 AL MVP, S3 Rookie of the Year; 4-time Silver Slugger and we certainly know where he got his nickname by winning the All-Star Breaks Home Run Derby twice.  Sosa finished his illustrious career with 718 Home Runs (#3 all-time), 1869 RBI (#5 all-time), 1552 runs and an impressive .315 batting avg and a 1.036 OPS.  Sosa's best season was his MVP season when he hit .343, slugged 69 bombs, raked in 189 RBI's, scored 134 runs and collected the only 200 hit season of his career.  The Big Show should be HOF-bound no doubt.

4) LF Bill Malone :  Bill "Willie"Malone be finished soon...