Friday, October 26, 2012

ARod Top Ten - S24 - 10/26

1)  Los Angeles Dodgers (51-28) - slashtc and his gang keep rolling along.  Not only are the Dodgers working their way towards the World Series, but Geovany "Little Hannibal" Molina is looking to snag his 2nd AL MVP!!  (1)

2)  Cincinnati Sextons (47-32) - The pitching in Cin-Town is bordering on not being good enough, but so far  Sex and his Sexton's have been successful playing softball and just outscoring the other team.  Fours guys have over 20 HR.  For real?? (2)

3)  Colorado Shock (52-26) -  The pitching is getting it done for the Shock where they've managed to keep a respectable team Home WHIP and ERA of 1.40 and  4.26 to match with their NL best Away numbers of 1.24 and 3.13.  (5)

4)  Jackson Colonels (51-27) - sneekes has taken over and has kept the engine firing on all cylinders.  It looks like Ralph "Billy the" Kidd will have something to say about the AL MVP.  Hector Batista has (so far) made the folks of Jackson forget all about Reese "Smokin" Hemp-who.  (8)

5) Iowa City Rounders (46-33) - Pitching, pitching, pitching....did I mention pitching.....what a deep and talented group of pitchers.  Elrod "The Dealer" Coke has been unhittable this year.  Mullens?  Puffer?  They aight too.... (10)

6) Augusta Polar Bears (47-32) - ARod holds it's collective breath as we witness the possible awakening of Cleatus Alexander "The Great".  When will this monster finally fulfill his destiny?  You know .400 with a 1.200 OPS, 75 HR and 150 walks is gonna happen.  (NR)

7) Helena Peacemakers (45-33) - Hersh Glynn, Babe Colin and Stump Matheson are leading the way for mtg54 and his Peacemakers.  Glynn in particular is not going to let the boppers in Colorado run away with the NL MVP race. (4)

8) Washington D.C. Senators (47-31) -  It's time that the blog and the rest of ARod give their respect to patrick71665 and his young guns.   Homer Hill is having another great season.....what a solid bat this guy has been over the last 5 years.   And don't forget young flame thrower Birdie Henley who is as good as any other SP in the NL. (NR)

9)  Tampa Bay Don Caesars (44-34) -  Let's get real, cebola and his gangsters are getting it done at the plate and on the mound and in the field.  Top 5 in all three areas in the NL.   (6)

10) Montreal Maroons (44-35) - dawg and his morons are getting it done in the field----2nd most + plays in the AL.  Sorry Travis Jones, Kennie Parrish now the #1 reliever in the AL.  Can he break Jones single season saves record of 63?  The blog will be keeping a close eye on this one. (7)

On da cusp:   Charlotte, St. Louis, Cleveland, Trenton, New Orleans

Monday, October 15, 2012

ARod Top Ten - S24 - 10/15

1)  Los Angeles Dodgers (30-19) - As far as the blog is concerned, unless slashtc and his crew falls apart, they are the odds on favorite to win it all this year.

2)  Cincinnati Sextons (32-16) -  Solid pitching to back a murderer's row that makes Colorado blush........could any two guys be better fits in Cincinnati than Monero and Martin?

3)  Trenton Thunder (28-21) -  Best rotation in the AL (Hurst, Combs, Diaz) - Check,  two best position players in ARod (Suzuki and Jacquez) - Check.

4)  Helena Peacemakers (30-18) -  Look around ARod and you'll find no better "team".

5)  Colorado Shock (34-15) - The bats are clicking in that thin Rocky Mountain air....can't the pitching keep up the pace?

6)  Tampa Bay Don Caesars (28-21) - cebola better get better on the road and in a hurry......this division is brutal top to bottom.

7)  Montrael Maroons (30-19) - If dawg can manage his team to the lead deep into the game there's no better closer to turn thing over to than Parrish - the dude shuts things down.

8)  Jackson Colonels (32-17) - The Colonels would be higher if I could stomach ranking a sim'd team higher.....if sneekes can keep up the winning ways Jackson will climb this list in a hurry.

9)  Cleveland Cobalts (26-22) - The Cobalts are playing a bit below their talent, but with guys like Krause, Soriano, Pote, Gardner and Estalella this won't last long.

10) Iowa City Rounders (27-21) -  ahsowhat and his 2x defending champs are lurking........did I mention this is the 2x defending champs?

On the cusp:  Augusta, Charlotte, Washington DC