Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Minor Leaguers bout to make an Impact on S23

Position Players
Philadelphia's Geoff Cunningham -  Cunningham has his name reserved in the starting lineup after 4 more games, and he plans to man left field and the 3 hole of the Colonials lineup for a long time.  What a great prospect!!

Trenton's Javier Rivera -  Rivera's combination of bat, baserunning, glove and makeup are great indicators a a long, successful big league career.......only his 51 health and catastrophic injury will derail this train. You know there's a spot in the bigs for Rivera!!


Milwaukee's Ossie Diaz - Wow.....what a staff bigjasui is going to be able to roll out......with Diaz locking up the #3 starter role for the next 10 year the rest of the NL North has got to be shaking in their boots.   What a scary 1-2-3 and all under 25.

Wichita's William Matsumoto -  Is he a SP or a LRA?  It doesn't really matter does it.....great control, a plus vR split and 3 quality pitches.....what's not to like.  barjaz has got a gem on his hands and could use the help now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

S23 Pre-Season Team Rankings

1)  Iowa City Rounders
2)  Trenton Thunder
3)  Charlotte Minute Men
4)  Los Angeles Dodgers
5)  St. Louis Red Birds
6)  Augusta Polar Bears
7)  Tampa Bay Don Caesars
8)  Milwaukee Boomers
9)  Jackson Coloniels
10) Scranton Squirrels
11) Colorado Shock
12)  Cincinnati Sextons
13)  Norfolk Turkeys
14)  San Francisco Bishes
15)  Texas Wildcats
16)  Clevland Cobalts
17)  Montreal Maroons
18)  Chicago Blagos
19)  Helena Peacemakers
20)  Washington DC Senators
21)  Richmond Ravens
22)  Wichita Rocks
23)  New Britain river rats
24)  New York Mets
25)  San Diego Beards of Zeus
26)  Rochester Rakers
27 ) Santa Fe Sluggers
28)  New Orleans Pelicans
29)  Louisville Lumber
30)  Philadelphia Colonials
31)  Tacoma XMEN
32)  Seattle Water Wolves

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome dawg39759

1) Why did you pick ARod?

       A:  Looking to play in a league and build a strong franchise.

2) What's your favorite aspect of HBD?

       A:  Competition and the chance to improve year to year.

3) What do you plan/hope to do with your new franchise?

        A :  Win a World Series :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome loosecc

1) Why did you pick ARod?

         A:  Why ARod? You happen to be seeking new owners just at the moment I'm looking to get hold of a franchise. It is several years (real time) since I last played on WIS and now seems a good time to get back into the swing of management. What is good to see is the very small number of non-returning members which tells me that the world is well liked, managed and enjoyed. Long may that continue. I certainly intend to be around for season 23 and the next decade!

2) What's your favorite aspect of HBD?

         A:  Favorite aspect? HBD allows you to see the rookies make their way up through the ranks and, hopefully, reach their potential in the majors. Of course, it is up to you just how quickly they progress - that's when you find out if your budget management is good: $ spent on training, coaches, medical or just pay over the odds for a few high profile guys to try obtaining instant success. Winning a game at any level feels like a success but then there is the disappointment at finding your star player has to go on the DL.

3) What do you plan/hope to do with your new franchise?

          A: Plans? The franchise did not have a bad season 22 but still fell short of bringing home titles. The ML roster needs some tweaking especially as the starting pitching roster consists of five left-handers: not a good balance! The batting line-up is short of power and a good HR hitter will be number one priority. The minor league rosters will be trawled to ensure that players are in the correct level for their experience and ability. I certainly feel comfortable in promoting a player if their performance suggests that they deserve a chance at the higher level but, equally, will drop a guy down a level or two if they are just not cutting it.

In reality, if I can manager the ML roster to an above-500 W/L record this coming season then I will be pleased. Playoffs a target for season 25 and a WS title by season 29. Only time will tell as will be my wheeling-and-dealing in the free agent and trade markets.

Welcome habslmets

1) Why did you pick ARod?

          A: I picked ARod for a couple of reasons. For one, I had finally decided to try HBD, and ARod was available. Second, I checked out your blog, and was impressed by how seriously everyone took the league.

2) What's your favorite aspect of HBD?

          A: There are many reasons why I enjoy HBD, and frankly my favorite part is just how in depth it is. Compared to some of the other dynasty games on WIS, HBD seems to be the closest to the real thing. It has everything from International Scouting, to the Rule 5 Draft and Arbitration. I'm new to HBD, but not to baseball in general, so I can't wait to get started.

3) What do you plan/hope to do with your new franchise?

           A:  I landed one of the worst franchises in the league, so I have realistic expectations. If I could hit the 70 win mark in my first season I would actually be happy, seeing as how I've never done HBD before and my team is really terrible. However I really hope to make a turn around quick, and a minimum have a winning record, and hopefully a playoff birth pretty soon.

Welcome phlsfan

1) Why did you pick ARod?

       A:  Seen a lot of veteran owners

2) What's your favorite aspect of HBD?

       A:   just being able to build the team the way you want via through draft and ifa and on occasion ditr

3) What do you plan/hope to do with your new franchise?

        A:    I plan on building this team for future while competing for division and so forth