Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just when we think the spending bonanza is done.....

EBzer pulls us back in!!!

Anaheim just signed Derek Hardtke  to a 5yr-$70 million contract!!!

Who's next?

Monster contracts rock Arod Free Agency

The huge sums of money many teams had on hand have made their way into free agency.  carseneau and his Texas Wildcats have been at he head of this pack and are clearly looking to win now.    The Wildcats made the first huge splash in S18 free agency when they signed 2-time All-Star  Jaret Walters to a 5yr-$55.5 million contact.  carseneau wasn't done, and next set his sights on some pitching where he signed 2-time All-Star  SP Alex Gabriel  to a 5yr-$72.5 million dollar contract!!! 

These aggressive moves are sure to payoff in the near term, but Alex Gabriel is 32 yrs old and just now is started to lose his rating points.  This could end up being an ugly contract by the 4th/5th year, however his "makeup" is great and he shouldn't decline too much.  Walters on the other hand it still in his prime and should be solid throughout the life of the contract.

Funhat and his Las Vegas Bishes have also thrown some serious money around.  Funhat gave 25 year old lefty  SP Matt Livingstone $82 million over 5 years.......pause for effect........that's right I said $82 MILLION!!    This seems a bit steep for a pitcher who despite having some very nice ratings, is only going to give you 140-150 innings per year.

This type of contract goes to show just how valuable quality starting pitching is in ARod.

Other notable signings include the following:
  •  Ariel Rosa 5yrs-$35 million by acesspades and the NY Yankees.
  • 32 yr old bullpen shark Jose Cortes goes to Da Blagos for 4yr and $20.8 million.
  • S14 NL Cy Young winner R.J. Duran  signed a 2 yr deal with ml4ku and the Colonels.
  • Hector Jenkins  signs a 4 yr- $11.2 million contract with rcf106 and Scranton.
  • Vasco Bennett takes his defensive wizardry and $18.4 million over 4 yrs from thisdude62 to the Toronto Legion.
  • 3-time Cy Young winner Dan Stuart  was swooped up by Little Rock for 2 yrs and $13 million.
  • Bullpen ace  Karim Castro  is off to Santa Fe to play for tony23 for the next 3 yrs and for just $21 million.  Great signing by tony23.
  • reigny  and his Water Wolves make a big splash with the signing of ARod legend  Albie Villano  to a 2 yr-$11.6 million deal.
  • sir_hc21 also got in on the Legends game by picking up 7-time All-Star and S4 AL Cy Young winner, the 37 yr old Sal MacDougal  for 1 yr and $4.5 million.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Early Action in Arod

bigparb has decided that it would be best to get the Team Review out after we see how the first part of FA shakes out, as a lot can change when the big money starts flyin around!!

In the meantime, we'll take a look at some of items of interest.

1)  For the 8th straight year, the Scottsdale RAIDERS  have led all of ARod with the highest payroll.  This season deerhunter63 tips the scales at $126 mill.

2)  Some extensions of note---some for how much and some for how reasonable:
  •      Javy Ortiz got a surprisingly large 4 year-$29 million from Wichita.
  •      Trenton locks up SP Karl Hurst  for 6 years and $43.4 million (includes this years arbitration--not sure how that happened---maybe 50 or someone can explain....)
  •      Cam Weston   is signed by the Booya to a 4 yr-$20 million contract.
  •      The Red Birds got two of their World Series cornerstones to sign on the dotted line.   Wil Pote for  5 yrs and $47 million and  SP Alex Torres  for the super cheap amount of $20.4 million over 3 yrs.  
  •      Ralph "Billy the Kid" Kydd   re-signs with the Colonels for a whopping $52.5 million over 5 yrs!!!
  •    Rich Sobolewski  agreed to give Vancouver another 3 years at $21.1 million.
  •    SPClinton Puffer  re-upped with ahsowhat and the Rounders for $34.5 million over 5 yrs.
  •    Finally, the greatest player in ARod history, the man who the MVP trophy is named after, the legendary Dante Ming is back for two more season with the RAIDERS for just $2.7 million.

3) The biggest story  of the pre-season in bigparb's opinion are the huge amounts of money that some franchises have between their set payroll and their actual salaries.  Whether they plan to go crazy in FA or transfer money over to their Prospect budgets is yet to been seen.  Since most of the teams on this list are in the "build for the future" mode v. the "win now" mode Arod blog predicts most of these teams will be moving cash to Prospects with the potential for some huge bidding wars in IFA.  See the franchises that fit this bill below:

Franchise Budget Gap
Milwaukee Boomers $63m $21m
Scranton Squirrels $65m $18m
Las Vegas Bishes $67m $28m
Trenton Thunder $68m $33m
Texas Wildcats $71m $44m
Iowa City Rounders $75m $46m
Toledo Mud Hens $75m $55m
Little Rock Minute Men $77m $25m
Tampa Bay Don Ceasers $78m $28m
Burlington Booya $82m $30m
Philadelphia river rats $85m $25m
New York Yankees $89m $25m
Cleveland Curse $89m $23m
Buffalo Springfield $90m $18m
Jackson Colonels $94m $26m
Toronto Legion $96m $50m
Seattle Water Wolves $103m $75m
Montreal Cogs $113m $25m
Scottsdale RAIDERS $126m $39m

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The ARod world grows restless waiting for the last two opening to be filled.......

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

St. Louis Red Birds(ronazbill) are World Series Champs!!!!

All of ARod world breathed a sigh of relief today as ronazbill and his St. Louis Red Birds completed their World Series sweep of "The Ghost Ship". 

Great pitching clearly was the difference for the Red Birds, but the World Series MVP will be awarded to Chuck Merrick.  Early in the series, it was Merrick's big stick that backed up that great pitching and got this sweep started.

ronazbill appears to be on his way to creating a bit of a dynasty with his 2nd World Series title in the last four seasons.  Congrats again to ronazbill!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

World Series Preview

Buffalo Lebowskis v. St. Louis Red Birds

Talk about a tale of two teams!!  St. Louis, led by ronazbill, put together one of the finest seasons in recent ARod world history in running up 112 wins.  While "The Ghost Ship" struggled down the stretch and slipped into the playoffs after being abandoned by their owner.  All of ARod world is fervently praying that the "human" managed Red Birds put it on the sim run "Ghost Ship".

The success of the Red Birds begins and ends with their pitching staff which led the NL in WHIP - 1.22 and ERA - 3.28, Runs and Hits given up, and did I mention wins?  Amazingly, the Red Bird staff has only gotten better under the bright lights of the post-season, posting a 1.13 WHIP and 2.38 ERA.

The St. Louis staff is headlined by 21 game winner David Polanco who's also the favorite to win the S17 Cy Young award and flame throwing 25 yr old Alex Torres, an all-star in each of his 4 big league seasons.  Patrick Dingman and Fred Governale bring big game experience to the back end of the starting rotation.  Out of the pen, ronazbill has the luxury of trotting out the best closer in the game this year, Cesar Julio who saved an astounding 50 of 54 games!!!  Julio was lights out in the Red Birds S14 run to the WS title and has been just as good this time around.

As great as the pitching is for St. Louis, the hitting isn't too bad either.  One of the absolute best lead off men in the game, Ted Anderson gets things going for the Red Bird offense.  With Anderson and Will Pote stealing over 110 bases between then from the top of the order it seems like Louis Santiago and Chuck Merrick are always hitting with RISP.  Santiago is an ideal 3 hole hitter with that perfect blend of speed and stick; and Merrick while having a bit of a down season this year, is always dangerous.  St. Louis recently lost slugging rookie Rip Anderson and will be counting heavily on the likes of R.A. Howell, Tuck Dye, Jack Haynes and Gill Ashbey to pick up the slack.

Since "The Ghost Ship" is lacking an owner bigparb will not devote much time to their half of this review other than to say that if Lew Evans comes up late in the game with a chance to win it, I wouldn't want to be ronazbill.

Prediction:  St. Louis in 6


ALCS MVP: Mark Martin

NLCS MVP: Chuck Merrick

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My oh My

A big 5 run first inning helped Syracuse get past the "ghost ship" and force a Game 7 for the ALCS.  Is legend Jack Redmond ready to pitch again or will the ball be passed to the shaky hands of Sam Wilson???

Maybe 3-time MVP Roy Bell could just show up with some heroics to make this all a moot point........

Friday, February 4, 2011


Buffalo Lebowski's v. Syracus Psychos:  The "ghost ship" Lebowskis continue to defy the will of HBD gods and are 3 wins away from the World Series, and what a travesty that would be.  It' s up to legendary ARod owner and two-time ARod W.S. champion gydk to take a stand against the "ghost ship". 

So far the teams have split the first two games of the series with young gun Pat Combs pitching and bopper Lew Evans hitting the "ghost ship" to a Gm 1 victory; then  in Gm 2 "steady as she goes" veteran Desi Gomez yaaked a monster 2-run game winning bomb in the bottom of the 10th to steal the game for the Pyschos from the jaws of defeat.

Let all the owners in the ARod world now pause and join virtual hands in prayer for Syracuse and gydk.......we pray that the sticks of Bell and Gomez be fierce; the pitches of Redmond, Lewis and McCoy be like lightening; and for the love of all that is pure and holy, help Sam Wilson to pull his head out of his ass!!!


St. Louis Red Birds v. New Orleans Pelicans:  This series has a bit of a David v. Goliath feel too it.....the problem for gjd13 is that David has yet to show up for the fight!!!  ronazbill has got the Red Birds up 2-0 and to bigparb this lead appears insurmountable.

The Red Birds devastating combination of  pitching and hitting might just be too much for the upstart Pelicans.  Can Frank Robbins catch fire?  Can Emil Cabeza get any hotter than he is?  Can the NO staff find a way to slow down  the Big Red (Bird) Machine?

If not Alex Torres, Cesar Julio, Chuck Merrick and co. will carry ronazbill to his 2nd World Series appearance in the last 4 seasons and a shot at his 2nd W.S. title in ARod.

EDIT:  Frank Robbins hurt in first game....the series was over before it began.....

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Lew Evans grand slam in the eight put the "ghost ship"  Buffalo Lebowski's one series away from the World Series!!  Unbelievably, the Anaheim's bats just didn't show up.  Can this miracle run continue?  A closer look at the ALCS and NLCS will be posted soon.......

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Divisional Championship matchups at a glance

Buffalo Lebowski's v. Anaheim Hell Raising Jalapenos:  The "ghost ship" proved with their 1st round thumping of the Sun Dogs that they don't need an owner to win.  They didn't need anything from Lew Evans either, but Anaheim is a different beast.  The firepower up and down that lineup is downright scary......Pedro Bonilla, Nap Musial, Tony Bennett, Tony Weiss, Elvis Collins and Sven Baez.....WOW!!  Can Buffalo  score enough to make this a series or will they ride the wave a momentum and sweep into the ALCS?  Prediction: Anaheim in 5.

Edit: Buffalo has jumped on Anaheim and stole the 1st two games on the road.  So far Buffalo's pitching has the big bopper of Jalapenos fooled!!

Houston Oilers v. Syracuse Psychos: It was promises to be the best series of the DCS two powerhouse teams go to battle.  Bigparb felt that the Oilers all-around game might be too much for the big name baller of Syracuse, but so far led by a lights out performance by Jack Redmond in Game 1 the Psychos are about to go up 3-0 and all but close out the series.  Pre-series prediction: Houston in 7.

Iowa City Rounders v. St. Louis Red Birds:  The young Rounders have their hands full with arguably the best team in the AL.  Can Hernandez, Mullens and Puffer continue this magical run against the Red Birds and their veteran lineup.  Alex Torres heads the best pitching staff in the AL, while Teddy Anderson and Louie Santiago are the oil that grease the wheels of this balanced and dangerous lineup.  The teams have split the first two of the series, but bigparb doesn't think the Rounders will be able to score with the Red Birds.  Pre-series prediction: St. Louis in 6.

New Orleans Pelicans. v. Chicago Blagos: This series appeared lopsided from the start.  We've got probable S17 AL MVP Frank Robbins trying to out-score the best offense in the AL led by the likes of Tony Pena, Gary Girardi, Benito Rijo, Lee Flick, Lou Kelly, and Diego Guzman.  No one in the HBD universe gave the Pelicans a shot in this series, but they forgot to tell Emil Cabeza, the guy is on fire!!!!  Will it be enough though?  I don't think so.  Pre-series prediction:  Chicago in 5.