Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monster contracts rock Arod Free Agency

The huge sums of money many teams had on hand have made their way into free agency.  carseneau and his Texas Wildcats have been at he head of this pack and are clearly looking to win now.    The Wildcats made the first huge splash in S18 free agency when they signed 2-time All-Star  Jaret Walters to a 5yr-$55.5 million contact.  carseneau wasn't done, and next set his sights on some pitching where he signed 2-time All-Star  SP Alex Gabriel  to a 5yr-$72.5 million dollar contract!!! 

These aggressive moves are sure to payoff in the near term, but Alex Gabriel is 32 yrs old and just now is started to lose his rating points.  This could end up being an ugly contract by the 4th/5th year, however his "makeup" is great and he shouldn't decline too much.  Walters on the other hand it still in his prime and should be solid throughout the life of the contract.

Funhat and his Las Vegas Bishes have also thrown some serious money around.  Funhat gave 25 year old lefty  SP Matt Livingstone $82 million over 5 years.......pause for effect........that's right I said $82 MILLION!!    This seems a bit steep for a pitcher who despite having some very nice ratings, is only going to give you 140-150 innings per year.

This type of contract goes to show just how valuable quality starting pitching is in ARod.

Other notable signings include the following:
  •  Ariel Rosa 5yrs-$35 million by acesspades and the NY Yankees.
  • 32 yr old bullpen shark Jose Cortes goes to Da Blagos for 4yr and $20.8 million.
  • S14 NL Cy Young winner R.J. Duran  signed a 2 yr deal with ml4ku and the Colonels.
  • Hector Jenkins  signs a 4 yr- $11.2 million contract with rcf106 and Scranton.
  • Vasco Bennett takes his defensive wizardry and $18.4 million over 4 yrs from thisdude62 to the Toronto Legion.
  • 3-time Cy Young winner Dan Stuart  was swooped up by Little Rock for 2 yrs and $13 million.
  • Bullpen ace  Karim Castro  is off to Santa Fe to play for tony23 for the next 3 yrs and for just $21 million.  Great signing by tony23.
  • reigny  and his Water Wolves make a big splash with the signing of ARod legend  Albie Villano  to a 2 yr-$11.6 million deal.
  • sir_hc21 also got in on the Legends game by picking up 7-time All-Star and S4 AL Cy Young winner, the 37 yr old Sal MacDougal  for 1 yr and $4.5 million.

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