Friday, February 4, 2011


St. Louis Red Birds v. New Orleans Pelicans:  This series has a bit of a David v. Goliath feel too it.....the problem for gjd13 is that David has yet to show up for the fight!!!  ronazbill has got the Red Birds up 2-0 and to bigparb this lead appears insurmountable.

The Red Birds devastating combination of  pitching and hitting might just be too much for the upstart Pelicans.  Can Frank Robbins catch fire?  Can Emil Cabeza get any hotter than he is?  Can the NO staff find a way to slow down  the Big Red (Bird) Machine?

If not Alex Torres, Cesar Julio, Chuck Merrick and co. will carry ronazbill to his 2nd World Series appearance in the last 4 seasons and a shot at his 2nd W.S. title in ARod.

EDIT:  Frank Robbins hurt in first game....the series was over before it began.....

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