Tuesday, February 8, 2011

World Series Preview

Buffalo Lebowskis v. St. Louis Red Birds

Talk about a tale of two teams!!  St. Louis, led by ronazbill, put together one of the finest seasons in recent ARod world history in running up 112 wins.  While "The Ghost Ship" struggled down the stretch and slipped into the playoffs after being abandoned by their owner.  All of ARod world is fervently praying that the "human" managed Red Birds put it on the sim run "Ghost Ship".

The success of the Red Birds begins and ends with their pitching staff which led the NL in WHIP - 1.22 and ERA - 3.28, Runs and Hits given up, and did I mention wins?  Amazingly, the Red Bird staff has only gotten better under the bright lights of the post-season, posting a 1.13 WHIP and 2.38 ERA.

The St. Louis staff is headlined by 21 game winner David Polanco who's also the favorite to win the S17 Cy Young award and flame throwing 25 yr old Alex Torres, an all-star in each of his 4 big league seasons.  Patrick Dingman and Fred Governale bring big game experience to the back end of the starting rotation.  Out of the pen, ronazbill has the luxury of trotting out the best closer in the game this year, Cesar Julio who saved an astounding 50 of 54 games!!!  Julio was lights out in the Red Birds S14 run to the WS title and has been just as good this time around.

As great as the pitching is for St. Louis, the hitting isn't too bad either.  One of the absolute best lead off men in the game, Ted Anderson gets things going for the Red Bird offense.  With Anderson and Will Pote stealing over 110 bases between then from the top of the order it seems like Louis Santiago and Chuck Merrick are always hitting with RISP.  Santiago is an ideal 3 hole hitter with that perfect blend of speed and stick; and Merrick while having a bit of a down season this year, is always dangerous.  St. Louis recently lost slugging rookie Rip Anderson and will be counting heavily on the likes of R.A. Howell, Tuck Dye, Jack Haynes and Gill Ashbey to pick up the slack.

Since "The Ghost Ship" is lacking an owner bigparb will not devote much time to their half of this review other than to say that if Lew Evans comes up late in the game with a chance to win it, I wouldn't want to be ronazbill.

Prediction:  St. Louis in 6

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