Sunday, February 20, 2011

Early Action in Arod

bigparb has decided that it would be best to get the Team Review out after we see how the first part of FA shakes out, as a lot can change when the big money starts flyin around!!

In the meantime, we'll take a look at some of items of interest.

1)  For the 8th straight year, the Scottsdale RAIDERS  have led all of ARod with the highest payroll.  This season deerhunter63 tips the scales at $126 mill.

2)  Some extensions of note---some for how much and some for how reasonable:
  •      Javy Ortiz got a surprisingly large 4 year-$29 million from Wichita.
  •      Trenton locks up SP Karl Hurst  for 6 years and $43.4 million (includes this years arbitration--not sure how that happened---maybe 50 or someone can explain....)
  •      Cam Weston   is signed by the Booya to a 4 yr-$20 million contract.
  •      The Red Birds got two of their World Series cornerstones to sign on the dotted line.   Wil Pote for  5 yrs and $47 million and  SP Alex Torres  for the super cheap amount of $20.4 million over 3 yrs.  
  •      Ralph "Billy the Kid" Kydd   re-signs with the Colonels for a whopping $52.5 million over 5 yrs!!!
  •    Rich Sobolewski  agreed to give Vancouver another 3 years at $21.1 million.
  •    SPClinton Puffer  re-upped with ahsowhat and the Rounders for $34.5 million over 5 yrs.
  •    Finally, the greatest player in ARod history, the man who the MVP trophy is named after, the legendary Dante Ming is back for two more season with the RAIDERS for just $2.7 million.

3) The biggest story  of the pre-season in bigparb's opinion are the huge amounts of money that some franchises have between their set payroll and their actual salaries.  Whether they plan to go crazy in FA or transfer money over to their Prospect budgets is yet to been seen.  Since most of the teams on this list are in the "build for the future" mode v. the "win now" mode Arod blog predicts most of these teams will be moving cash to Prospects with the potential for some huge bidding wars in IFA.  See the franchises that fit this bill below:

Franchise Budget Gap
Milwaukee Boomers $63m $21m
Scranton Squirrels $65m $18m
Las Vegas Bishes $67m $28m
Trenton Thunder $68m $33m
Texas Wildcats $71m $44m
Iowa City Rounders $75m $46m
Toledo Mud Hens $75m $55m
Little Rock Minute Men $77m $25m
Tampa Bay Don Ceasers $78m $28m
Burlington Booya $82m $30m
Philadelphia river rats $85m $25m
New York Yankees $89m $25m
Cleveland Curse $89m $23m
Buffalo Springfield $90m $18m
Jackson Colonels $94m $26m
Toronto Legion $96m $50m
Seattle Water Wolves $103m $75m
Montreal Cogs $113m $25m
Scottsdale RAIDERS $126m $39m

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