Wednesday, February 9, 2011

St. Louis Red Birds(ronazbill) are World Series Champs!!!!

All of ARod world breathed a sigh of relief today as ronazbill and his St. Louis Red Birds completed their World Series sweep of "The Ghost Ship". 

Great pitching clearly was the difference for the Red Birds, but the World Series MVP will be awarded to Chuck Merrick.  Early in the series, it was Merrick's big stick that backed up that great pitching and got this sweep started.

ronazbill appears to be on his way to creating a bit of a dynasty with his 2nd World Series title in the last four seasons.  Congrats again to ronazbill!!!!!!

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  1. Can you guys please try and get the guy who took over my team to switch?

    I have been a very reliable owner for 4 seasons (which is 100$ and a full year) with the same team.

    It is my only HBD team I have or have ever had.