#1 Picks

by 40_dog    

Season 1: Neifi Domingo. Neifi has had a very nice 12 year major league career. Neifi broke into the bigs in season 4.  In 92 games his rookie season he hit .256 with 21 HR and 65 RBI. Neifi made the All- Star team in season 7, which was the 1st of 7 straight trips to the mid-summer classic. He has been a Silver Slugger three times in his career and has been a part of 2 World Series championships, both with gydk and the Syracuse Psychos. In his best year, he hit .347 with 45 HR and 146 RBI while stealing 39 bases and scoring 162 runs. His career numbers currently sit at .328;  428 HR;  1555 RBI; 548 doubles; 1007 walks and 363 steals.  Neifi is 518 hits away from 3000.

Season 2: Fausto Cordero.   Big disappointment for a #1 overall pick. Cordero made his big league debut in season 6 and has spent time as both a starter and reliever in his career. Cordero sports a lifetime 54-89 record with 15 saves and never had a winning season as a starter. Cordero's best season was season 11 where he posted a 11-12 record with 173 strikeouts and a 1.20 whip.  His career whip is 1.48 with a 5.04 ERA.

Season 3: Tony Weiss. Weiss has been an absolute stud and has lived up to everything a #1 pick should be. Weiss tore up the minors for a little over 3 seasons and was called up 33 games into season 6. He played in 112 games that year and was voted rookie of the year and collected his 1st Silver Slugger. His #'s that year were solid across the board--.304 avg 15 HR 70 RBI 38 Steals 92 Runs .400 OBP  .903 OPS. Since that 1st season Weiss has never scored less than 107 runs in a season, hit lower than .312, or stole fewer than 38 bags. In his career he has won 10 Silver Sluggers, made 9 All-Star teams, and was the AL MVP in season 16. His career #'s to date sit at .333avg 200 HR 1119 RBI 717 Steals 1530 Runs 2441 Hits .410 OBP .911 OPS. Tony Weiss should be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer.

Season 4: Gregg Sweeney. Sweeney has not had a horrible career, but has certainly not produced what is hoped for out of an overall #1 pick. With a vR split that has topped out at 53 and average to good ratings across the board it is not surprising his career has gone the way it has. In nearly 2,000 innings for his career he has posted a 104-113 record with an era of 4.34 and a career 1.40 whip. Sweeney was an all-star in season 10 in what was his best season. He went 18-9 with a 3.37era and a 1.32whip. He also struck out 178 batters in 221 innings that season.

Season 5: Glendon Wall. Wall has been solid, if not spectacular as he enters his 10th season in the bigs. He broke into the bigs with a bang during S9 earning the 1st of his 3 All-Star appearances and one of his 2 LF Silver Slugger awards. At 31 yrs old he appears to have a few more solid seasons left, and they will have to be good if he expects a shot at the Hall of Fame. His best season was S16 where he hit .322, 123 runs,  32 HR, 115 RBI, 219 hits, 33 SB.  Currently he sports a career .309 Avg, .372 OBP .888 OPS.., 213 HR, 872 RBI, 311 SB and 1047 runs.

Season 6: York Kelleher. Mr. Kelleher has earned himself $20 million per season for the next 4 years...or at least one crazy ass owner thought he was good enough to earn $20 mill a season!!!. Kelleher can best be described as a poor mans Glendon Wall (S5 #1 overall pick). Kelleher broke into the ML in S7 and in 130 games he hit .285 with 9 HR 53 RBI. He put together a few more similar seasons and in S11 started a string of seasons in which he has consistantly been around .300 with 20 HR and 80 RBI. It's been good, but definitely not great, and definitely not worth $20 mill/per.  That's what happens when you get 1 year owners who don't know what they are doing, throwing stupid money around.  Kelleher has made 2 All-Star appearances, he's won 2 Gold Gloves and 1 Silver Slugger.  Yorkies career numbers currently sit at .301 AVG 160 HR 730 RBI 863 R 216 SB .851 OPS.  

Season 7: Kevin Jenkins. At age 33 Jenkins is beginning the downhill portion of a solid career. Brought up part way through season 9, Jenkins has been a dependable workhorse routinely throwing 200+ innings most seasons. In season 13 Jenkins threw a no-hitter and was an All-Star in seasons 16 and 17. Jenkins was twice on the 60 day DL and without the injuries would have been even better. His best year came in season 17 posting a 16-10 record with a 3.00 era and a 1.16 whip. For his career, Jenkins sports a 121-95 record in 1931.0 career innings. He has struck out 1562 batters with a career whip of 1.31 and an era of 3.92.

Season 8: Wilbur Servais.

Season 9:  Dennis Larson.
Season 10: Pete Bailey.

Season 11: Burt McCartin.

Season 12: Flip McCartney

Season 13: Bruce Mullens  

Season 14: Wade Kirk    

Season 15: Mike Brinkley    
Season 16: Hector Valentin  

Season 17: Reid Delaney (unsigned) ; #2 pick: Art Krause  

Season 18: Tom Diaz  

Season 19: Jim Raggio  

Season 20: Edgardo Cruz  

Season 21: Darrell Bigbie                         

Season 22: Ignacio Flores 

Season 23: Sherman Curtis       

Season 24: Brent Davis