Friday, February 4, 2011


Buffalo Lebowski's v. Syracus Psychos:  The "ghost ship" Lebowskis continue to defy the will of HBD gods and are 3 wins away from the World Series, and what a travesty that would be.  It' s up to legendary ARod owner and two-time ARod W.S. champion gydk to take a stand against the "ghost ship". 

So far the teams have split the first two games of the series with young gun Pat Combs pitching and bopper Lew Evans hitting the "ghost ship" to a Gm 1 victory; then  in Gm 2 "steady as she goes" veteran Desi Gomez yaaked a monster 2-run game winning bomb in the bottom of the 10th to steal the game for the Pyschos from the jaws of defeat.

Let all the owners in the ARod world now pause and join virtual hands in prayer for Syracuse and gydk.......we pray that the sticks of Bell and Gomez be fierce; the pitches of Redmond, Lewis and McCoy be like lightening; and for the love of all that is pure and holy, help Sam Wilson to pull his head out of his ass!!!

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