Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Minor Leaguers bout to make an Impact on S23

Position Players
Philadelphia's Geoff Cunningham -  Cunningham has his name reserved in the starting lineup after 4 more games, and he plans to man left field and the 3 hole of the Colonials lineup for a long time.  What a great prospect!!

Trenton's Javier Rivera -  Rivera's combination of bat, baserunning, glove and makeup are great indicators a a long, successful big league career.......only his 51 health and catastrophic injury will derail this train. You know there's a spot in the bigs for Rivera!!


Milwaukee's Ossie Diaz - Wow.....what a staff bigjasui is going to be able to roll out......with Diaz locking up the #3 starter role for the next 10 year the rest of the NL North has got to be shaking in their boots.   What a scary 1-2-3 and all under 25.

Wichita's William Matsumoto -  Is he a SP or a LRA?  It doesn't really matter does it.....great control, a plus vR split and 3 quality pitches.....what's not to like.  barjaz has got a gem on his hands and could use the help now.

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