Monday, October 15, 2012

ARod Top Ten - S24 - 10/15

1)  Los Angeles Dodgers (30-19) - As far as the blog is concerned, unless slashtc and his crew falls apart, they are the odds on favorite to win it all this year.

2)  Cincinnati Sextons (32-16) -  Solid pitching to back a murderer's row that makes Colorado blush........could any two guys be better fits in Cincinnati than Monero and Martin?

3)  Trenton Thunder (28-21) -  Best rotation in the AL (Hurst, Combs, Diaz) - Check,  two best position players in ARod (Suzuki and Jacquez) - Check.

4)  Helena Peacemakers (30-18) -  Look around ARod and you'll find no better "team".

5)  Colorado Shock (34-15) - The bats are clicking in that thin Rocky Mountain air....can't the pitching keep up the pace?

6)  Tampa Bay Don Caesars (28-21) - cebola better get better on the road and in a hurry......this division is brutal top to bottom.

7)  Montrael Maroons (30-19) - If dawg can manage his team to the lead deep into the game there's no better closer to turn thing over to than Parrish - the dude shuts things down.

8)  Jackson Colonels (32-17) - The Colonels would be higher if I could stomach ranking a sim'd team higher.....if sneekes can keep up the winning ways Jackson will climb this list in a hurry.

9)  Cleveland Cobalts (26-22) - The Cobalts are playing a bit below their talent, but with guys like Krause, Soriano, Pote, Gardner and Estalella this won't last long.

10) Iowa City Rounders (27-21) -  ahsowhat and his 2x defending champs are lurking........did I mention this is the 2x defending champs?

On the cusp:  Augusta, Charlotte, Washington DC