Friday, September 21, 2012

S24 Hall of Fame

We have had a somewhat sad history here in ARod when it come to getting HOF worthy players their ultimate recognition, which is trip to The Hall.  Why is this....stupidity?  nah, we all smart as a whip!!  Apathy?  perhaps.....

For many seasons the blog has labored, mostly in vain, to get our legends their due, but this season should be  walk in the park when considering these next 3 guys....

1)  Feast your eyes on arguably the 3rd or 4th best hitting in the history of ARod - Omar Castillo.  For the longest time Mr. Castillo held the all-time best career batting average in not just ARod but in all of HBD!!!!  (The blog is unable to confirm if he still is #1)   We did it things right by getting Ming and Bell into the HOF and now lets honor Mr. Castillo with our vote.   

2) Jack Redmond:   4-time Cy Young winner, 10-time All-star and 2-time World Series Champ.....nuff said!!!

3) Dan Stuart:  3-time Cy Young winner; 6-time All-Star and 2-time World Series Champ....and check the ARod record books.....again...nuff said!!

Both these guys should get 32 votes.....don't embarrass yourself....get it done!!!

Fringe Candidates include (in no particular order):  Tony WeissAlfredo SosaDavid PrietoSal MacDougalNeifi Domingo,    

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