Thursday, January 27, 2011

MVP Races

There is no doubt that any discussion about MVP for season 17 in ARod needs to start with the AL.  The AL is loaded with guys putting up great seasons; so much so that there are guys who can't even make the WIS AL top 5 list who might be the favorites to win the MVP if they were in the NL!!  With the season near complete lets take a look at a few of the candidates.

In the AL, its bigparb's opinion that the MVP discussion begins and ends with Houston Oiler 2B Ralph Kydd .  Kydd is the catalyst for Houston.  Not only is Mr. Kydd putting up great all-around numbers: BA-.336; OBP-.400, 139 runs scored, 217 hits, 33 doubles, 22 bombs, 100 RBI's and 53 SB's; he's also led Houston to the 2nd best record in the AL.  After Kydd there are a slew of candidates to include 2-time MVP Omar Castillo, Carlos Valdes, Jorge Arias, Napoleon Musial ,3-time MVP Roy Bell  , Desi Gomez  , 3-time MVP Pedro Bonilla, Jamie Byrne and Lew Evans.

The NL picture is much more murky with no clear MVP candidate coming from the juggernauts that are the Chicago Blagos and the St. Louis Red Birds .   With that said, it is impossible to ignore the season being put together by the former season 10 NL Rookie of the Year  Frank Robbins who appears to be in a class of his own compared to the rest of the NL candidates.  Robbins is hitting .352 with a .430 OBP, 40 bombs, 128 RBI's and over 200 hits.  Other potential candidates inlcude Eugene Moreno, Josias Vega , Ted AndersonGary Girardi, Pablo Marquez   and Season 16 NL MVP Jason Swann .

The season is ending soon and the the leagues will award their respective MVP trophies, but that won't stop bigparb from naming  Ralph Kydd as the Season 17 ARod HBD blog ML MVP!!!

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