Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pre-Season Team Rankings

by  holerbigparb13 , dengodd2safetyman

The Elite:
1. St. Louis Redbirds
Defending Champions - #1 overall by default; Alex Torres going to be even better this year.
2. Chicago Blagos
Hard luck team needs final piece to get over hump. Can langer replace Albie Villano?
3.  Jackson Colonels
An ever improving team making it's way up the rankings led by Ralph "Billy the Kid" Kydd.
4. Anaheim Hell Raisin Jalapenos
Knocking at the door for a few seasons now.  Has EBzer's window passed?
5. Syracuse Psychos
  Stars getting older but still enough for legendary owner who knows how to win.

The Challengers:

6. Iowa City Rounders
Gio Hernandez and solid pitching staff leads the way, but can they score enough runs?
7. Wichita Rocks
Majority of the team in it's prime, ready to win now in super tough division.
8. Little Rock Minute Men
Safetyman always has them in the hunt and is a master of the big trade
9. Burlington Booya
A team of stars and fillers needs more consistency.  Are they ready to make a World Series run?
10. Arizona Sun Dogs
Plenty of firepower with Omar Castillo and co. but 40_dog  needs to shore up the rotation  

Middle of the Pack:

11. Toronto Legion
  The "Ghostship" ran itself to the World Series last year.  Advice for nothing.
12. New Orleans Pelicans
Not as powerful as they once were, but S17 AL MVP Frank Robbins and co are plenty dangerous   
13. Vancouver Shock
Good balance. No glaring weaknesses, but no real strengths.  Can Raymond Brock bounce back?
14. Montreal Coqs
ex-Flockers, can sir_hc121 fill the legendary shoes of dblaine? He needs Aquino to be huge.
15. Tacoma Downriggers
Very young team looking to improve with holer back firmly in control.
16.  Santa Fe Sluggers
Better than record. Good offense/bullpen. Abysmal rotation.  Can I get a witness!!!
17. Augusta Polar Bears
Where's the starting pitching?  Better hope young bashers can win 11-10 every night.
18. Scranton Squirrels
Shockingly kow stamina pitching staff.  It's going to be hard........that's what she's said.
19. Trenton Thunder
Below average rotation, brilliant bullpen.  Karl Hurst will need to be extra special.
20.  Kansas City KC
Once mighty franchise is a shadow of former selves.  Can new owner make them a winner?

Still got work to do:

21. Washington DC Senators
Mediocre pitching better hope the Senator have a big season at the plate.
22. Cleveland Curse
A few sluggers but pitching is scary bad.  Free Yank Bryant!!
23. Las Vegas Bishes
Enough pieces to start climbing.  Will it be this year or next for funhat to make his move?
24. Scottsdale Raiders
Perenial underachievers.  No more Dan Stuart and the swan song of Dante Ming.
25. New York Yankees
Can compete, but rotation is a long, long way a galaxy far, far away.
26. Texas Wildcats
Spent huge this off-season.  Time will tell if this translates into wins.  


27. Tampa Bay Don Caesars
Everything is middle of the road. 
 28. Buffalo Springfield
Some offense, but major pitching issues.
29. Toledo Mud Hens
Some good building blocks to work with
30. Philadelphia River Rats
Not enough of everything.
31. Milwaukee Boomers
Bigjasiu knows where he stands and he will bring this team back.
32. Seattle Water Wolves
Surprisingly, there are some adequate pieces to begin building with.

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