Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick notes (sorry for my neglect)

1) Never have seen such a weak crop of MVP candidates as we have in the NL this year......most years even the best guy---Santiago---probably wouldn't even be in the conversation.

2) Conversely, the AL MVP crop is fantastic, sans Musial......any of the 4 guys would be the clear MVP if in the NL.  No doubt the ARod Blog season MVP award is a two man race between Dickerson and "Hack" Bonilla.

3) Can funhat breakthrough for that elusive playoff berth he would so much like?  One thing is for sure, funhat has his franchise pointed in the right direction.

4)  Congrats to tony23 for finally making the playoffs!!!  The AL South is ridiculous and I sure wouldn't want to see that lineup in the playoffs!!

5) The blog really thought that Gio Hernandaz was going to fulfill his outlandish promise with a S19 Cy Young, but another superstar, Alex Torres says its his turn.  Sorry Gio.

6)  Who says you can't go home......don't tell that to Reese Hemphill......and don't even argue with me about him winning the AL Cy Young....I don't want to hear it...................and yes, I know Sugawara and Heiserman are having fantastic seasons.......

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