Saturday, September 17, 2011

ARod's All-Time IFA's

Given the recent drama surround the unbelievably huge IFA signing of  John Suzuki I felt it was appropriate to take a quick look at the biggest IFA signing in the history of ARod.
  1. John Suzuki                           - $45 Million S20;  That's a ton of money.  Whether Mr. Suzuki will prove to be worth all that flow remains to be seen.  To put things into perspective, "The Big O" Omar Castillo was signed for the whopping sum of $10 million back in S2.  Wow, times have changed.  In today's market a guy like Castillo could command as much as $60 million.  My oh my!!!
  2. Esteban "Lil" Guapo               - $22.7 Million S17; no awards, at AA.   
  3. Alex Estalella                         - $21.8 Million S11; no awards. 
  4. John "Ace" Ueno                   - $21.5 Million S14; no awards.     
  5. Santos "Angel" Torres           - $19.4 Million S10; S18 All-Star, S18 1B Silver Slugger, 2-time AL 1B Gold Glove.      
  6. Pedro "Hack" Bonilla             - $19.2 Million S7; S11 AL ROY, 5-time AL MVP,  7-time All-Star, 5-time AL 2B Silver Slugger and World Series Champ in S19.
  7. Benito "Bam Bam" Rijo          - $19 Million S11;  2-time NL MVP, 5-time All-Star, 2-time NL SS Silver Slugger, 2-time NL 3B Silver Slugger, 2-time NL 3B Gold Glove.
  8. Mariano "Lily"Padilla              - $19 Million S11;  S19 All-Star, S15 NL P Silver Slugger.
  9. Neil "Doc" Moreno                - $19 Million S17; no awards; entering 3rd ML season.  
  10. Vicente "Gonzo" Gutierrez     - $19 Million S19; S20 is ML rookie year.    
  11. Pedro "High" Sierra                - $18.8 Million S15; S19 AL ROY.  
  12. Junior Lee                              - $18.5 Million S4; 6-time All-Star, 4-time NL 3B Silver Slugger, 2-time NL 3B Gold Glove and World Series Champ in S15.
  13. Geovany "Big Mol" Molina     - $18.1 Million S13; 2-time All-Star, 2-time AL CF Silver Slugger, S19 World Series Champ in first 2 ML seasons.
  14. Sammy "The Bull" Nunez       - $18 Million S19; no awards, at AAA.      
  15. Calvin "Sweet As" Sugawara  - $17.7 Million S12; S19 All-Star. 
  16. Victor "No" Moya                  - $17.6 Million S15; no awards, still at HiA.
  17. Dioner "Big Claw" Moreno     - $17.5 Million S15; S18 World Series Champ.         
  18. "JJ" Juan James                       - $17 Million S11; no awards. 
  19. Gio "The Hybrid" Hernandez   - $16.7 Million S13; 2-time All-Star, S16 NL P Silver Slugger, 89 wins in first 6 ML seasons. 
  20. Victor "Cry Me A" Morales    - $16.3 Million S17; no awards, at HiA.
  21. Kazuhiro "Super" Hiro            - $15.7 Million  S9; 2-time AL 1B Gold Glove; has averaged 44.3 HR/season in first 10 ML seasons.
  22. Pedro Borges                         - $15.5 Million S13; no awards, entering 3rd ML season.
  23. "The Sheik" Omar Estrella      - $15.5 Million S15; no awards, entering 2nd ML season.
  24. Jose "Rule 5" Avila                 - $15.5 Million S16; no awards, S20 is rookie year.
  25. Harry "Balls" Guerrero            - $15.5 Million S16; no awards, S20 is rookie year. 
  26. Javy "The Kid" Alvarez           - $15.1 Million S16; no awards, S20 is rookie year.
  27. "Scarface"Al Pascual              - $15.1 Million S18; no awards, at AA.        
  28. Omar "Adios" Rios                 - $15 Million S10;  no awards.       

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