Monday, April 30, 2012

Washington DC Senators Draft Review

Round 1 Pick 9: Oleg D’Amico (2B) – A solid pick at #9, D’Amico looks like he will be in an annual competition for the league’s top slugging percentage with Hull and Jones. More powerful than any of the top prospects, D’Amico could win several home run titles when it’s all said and done, especially if he learns to pull the ball a little more frequently. A solid player from a durability and health perspective, D’Amico also plays the field well, with the exception of a relatively weak arm.

ML Projections: .300 BA, .920 OPS.

Round 1 Pick 58: Zephyr Rivera (SS) – After the top prospects are gone, later picks are all about trying to find prospects that can contribute in some way at the ML level, and Rivera fits that bill. A standout defensive SS, Rivera also runs the base paths extremely well. Offensively he is challenged, tending to chase a lot of balls out of the strike zone, but is more effective against RH pitching than left.

ML Projections: .200 BA, .500 OPS.

Round 2 Pick 89: Mike Robbins (P) –Good control, velocity and 3 ML grade pitches, Robbins is a find this late in the draft. While he has limited stamina, his extremely high durability will allow him to make an appearance in several games a season. Very good against LH batters, Robbins could also see time as a specialist. Absolutely love this pick.

ML Projections: 1.35 WHIP, .260 OAV

Other notable selections: None.

Grade: A. Three draft selections, three additions to the Senators’ big league roster over the next several years.

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