Monday, May 21, 2012


NL MVP:  Raymond Brock - Perhaps I am too close to this one, as clearly this is a tight race between Mr. Brock and Pat Dougherty.  It is impossible to find fault in the numbers "The Baker" put up this year; #1 in HR's (53), #9 in RBI (123), #3 in AVG (.328), #2 in OBP (.408); #1 in SLG (.692), #2 in OPS (1.100)....he also threw in 14 steals, 65 walks and 106 runs.

Mr. Brock was equally as impressive and involved in the legendary chase for .400.  He just missed however finishing with an amazing .399 AVG.  Brock took advantage of the thin air in Colorado and put up some rather impressive numbers; obviously #1 in AVG, #2 in Runs (146), #1 in Hits (242), #1 in Doubles (50), #4 in RBI (134), #1 in OBP (.443), #2 in SLG (.662) and #1 in OPS (1.105).....he also threw in 26 steals, 32 HR's and 45 walks.  Neither men distinguished themselves in the field, though Dougherty holds a slight edge there.

Where there is separation for Brock is in the extended stats---RC and RC27.  Brock's RC27 was 12.366 and Dougherty's 10.447 was a distant 2nd.  In RC Brock put up a monster 179.908 to Dougherty's 144.617.  If they were close, I might buy the Colorado effect arguement, unfortunately Brock's season was huge and he led the Shock to more wins than Dougherty led the Squirrels.  In the end, the edge goes to Brock.

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