Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top 5 All-time ARod Dynasties by habslmets

Well here's the non-consequential rankings you've been waiting all week for. The top 5 owners in the history of AROD. We've got a current owner somewhere in these rankings, and one who left us just this season. Fasten your seat belts, grab your favorite alcoholic beverage and get ready, because here it comes.

5. St. Louis Redbirds/Los Angeles Stars – ronzabill (11-24)

Free agency has been a popular way to build a team in AROD. It's generally a quick patch job that allows teams to win championships. Ronzabill dominated AROD for 14 seasons, and took home two world series titles thanks largely to home grown talent. Future HOF catcher Chuck Merrick, 6 time All Star SP Alex Torres and 6 time All Star RF Louie Santiago were a constant threat every single season ronzabill managed each spending more than 10 years with the club. The trio brought home ronzabill 2 world series titles in seasons 14 and 17, one of 6 coaches with multiple titles. The Redbirds brought home 7 AL West titles and 10 playoff births for the privileged residents of St. Louis. Ronzabill kept his teams in the hunt every year till his departure, and the discussion of greatest general managers can't occur without mention of his Redbird teams.

4. Houston/Texas/Nashville/Montgomery/Little Rock/Charlotte/Memphis Minute Men -safetyman (6-present)

Safetyman has yet to truly call one city home, but that doesn't mean he hasn't made his mark in AROD. In 20 seasons in the league, safetyman has qualified for the playoffs 15 times. After taking home the AL South title in his first 6 seasons, safety hit paydirt in his 7th season (12) winning the World  Series as the 6 seed over the Milwaukee Boomers in 6 games, one of two seasons he would reach the finals. Hall of Fame CF/2B Emmanuel Aquino played 7 and a half seasons for the franchise, winning a Silver Slugger and making the all star team each season. Hall of Fame CF Tony Martin just missed out on a ring, leaving in season 11. The Minute Men have the 5th most franchise wins of all time; and are only one of four current teams with at least 1,800 wins (Wichita, Scranton and New Orleans). No one knows when and where the Minute Men will pop up next, but I have a feeling safetyman isn't done winning anytime soon.

3. Fargo Flockers – dblaine (1-17)

Picking between Syracuse and Fargo for the number 2 spot was tough, but in the end Syracuse got the slight edge. That is not a slight against the Flockers, who under dblaine made the playoffs each of the first 16 seasons in AROD. The Flockers won at least 100 games in 9 different seasons, which was good enough for the 6th most wins of all time. The Flockers had a crazy .627 winning percentage, and was the only franchise in league history with a career winning percentage above .600 for teams with at least 10 years in the league. However, for all of his success, dblaine didn't win a World Series till his second to last year, season 16. Hall of Famer Sal McDougal was a big reason for Fargo's success, playing for 16 seasons with the franchise, during which he won 265 games, played in 7 All Star games and won a Cy Young.

2. Syracuse Pyschos – gydk (1-22)

One of the founding owners of AROD, gydk spent an incredible 22 seasons making life miserable for rival AL East owners. Gydk won an astonishing 12 divisional titles, including every season from 5-12. Syracuse is one of two franchises to top 2,000 wins, along with the Wichita Rocks; the only team to play in all 25 seasons of AROD. All of gydk's hard work paid off in seasons 9 and 11, when he took home world series titles. Syracuse was led by one of the greatest players to grace the league in Roy Bell, who earned 5 of his 8 all star appearances with the franchise. Bell also hit 80 home runs for the franchise in season 10. Hall of Fame pitcher Jack Redmond also made his career home in Syracuse, winning over 200 games for the franchise. The Pyschos 4 world series appearances are  second all time in league history. Gydk set the standard for dominance achieved in his legendary career.

1. New York Mets/Philadelphia Thunder Gods – BIGTHUNDER (1-7)

Honestly, is it possible to argue against BIGTHUNDER being the greatest team in AROD history? The Vince Lombardi of HBD, BIGTHUNDER took home 5 of the first 7 World Series titles in the league, and played in a sixth. Hall of Fame pitcher Marvin Punto won 2 Cy Young awards for the Mets, and won at least 24 games in three different seasons. With Punto leading the way, the Mets/Thunder Gods led the league with the lowest ERA from seasons 1-7. Players like Malcolm Tracy, Junior Matos, Carlos Carrasco and Tim Washington were always a threat to hit 50 home runs in a season. BIGTHUNDER won the NL East every single season he was in the league. Many owners will wonder how the history of our league would have looked had BIGTHUNDER not left after a short 7 seasons, but no one will ever be able to argue the impact he had on AROD.

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