Sunday, May 1, 2011

S18 Draft Review by holer

Scranton Squirrels

Needs: 3B, OF, SP, RP
Scranton's future behind the plate is secure for many years to come with young workhorse Red Westmoreland firmly entrenched as the starting catcher. 1B is also secure with capable youngster Carlos Blanco carrying the load. He does tend to strike out a lot, but can also drive in plenty of runs depending on who he is surrounded with. At 2B, Scranton has another solid player, Earl Butler, who is outstanding defensively, and solid enough offensively to make him a mainstay. At 3B, rcf106 is in greater need of a replacement. His regular 3B, Craig Burkett, is definitely below the league standard, and could use an upgrade. He has two solid options at shortstop with Taylor Stone and Jimmy Darnell, with Darnell being the more promising all-around shortstop. Keeping him there, and moving Stone to 3B may solidify the infield where Stone would become a human vacuum. In summary, one more blue chip prospect for the infield would be a welcome addition. In the outfield, Scranton has a steady and reliable CF in Andre Forbes. In rightfield, young stud Pat Dougherty is just beginning his career, and should anchor the batting order for many years. There is a second potential star, Alfredo Alcantra, on the way up, who can either take over at LF or 1B when he arrives, giving Scranton a second power bat in the order. Rcf106 has a deep rotation, with no real star pitchers, but many of the number 3 and 4 variety. If it is at all possible, rcf106 can solidify his rotation into an elite group if he can find an ace starter. A very difficult thing to do. He can also use a little help in the bullpen, which is much shallower than the starting rotation.

Draft Expectations: Low
The standard 5 picks in the first 5 rounds, starting with number 15 overall, means rcf106 should expect little from this draft. That being said, rcf106 is a wily veteran who is always capable of pulling off a miracle or two.

Draft Preparation:
Scranton is overall a very young team, and as such has a very low player payroll, situating them well for the future. Rcf has maxed his training and medical budgets to help the development of all his youngsters, and he also has a high prospect budget to cover the signing of any blue chip prospects he drafts, or discovers this year. The remainder of his departmental budgets are all around the 12 million mark, which should be more than enough to find a few nice prospects.


Round 1 Pick 15 SP Juan Martin
Wow! Let me say that again. Wow! Rcf hits a home run!
At pick number 15 overall, rcf picked up the ace pitcher he obviously has been covetting. This may be the best pick for draft position of anybody in the first round. Martin is tireless once he gets on the mound, which is amazing considering his velocity. He also has pinpoint accuracy, meaning the bullpen will be getting pretty regular breaks every 5th day or so. He has a wicked slider, as well as a decent sinker and curveball. He will keep the ball on the ground most of the time, and that is when opposing hitters actually make contact. Because of rcf's training budget, Martin stands a very good chance of approaching his projections. Welcome to Scranton Juan. Prepare yourself for a long stay.
ML Projection: 250+ IP/18-20+ W/200+ K/.220-.240 OAV/2.00-2.50 ERA

Round 2 Pick 72 RF Tom Mathews
After the first round pick, does the rest of this really matter? Mathews is a pretty standard pick for number 72 overall. He likely won't ever be a ML starter, but his defensive ability, coupled with his awesome power at the plate, makes him an attractive option as a back-up corner outfielder.
ML Projection: Utility Outfielder

Round 3 Pick 104 LF John Henry
A 4A type of player, Henry will be available on an emergency basis if rcf is ever desperate due to injuries, to fill a roster spot. Otherwise, he will be playing out his career in the minor leagues.

Round 4 Pick 136 C Quilvio Diaz
A steady, if unspectacular, catcher, Diaz could fill in if a replacement is needed short-term behind the plate. He is a capable hitter, and a slightly below average fielder, who can handle a pitching staff.
ML Projection: Emergency Replacement

Round 5 Pick 168 2B Livan Montero
Not enough offense to secure a ML spot of any kind. Ceiling AAA.

Hidden Gems: 2B/CF Garry Wilkerson?, RP Jimmie Page?, 1B/DH Jason Sutton?

Overall Grade: A+
Sly veteran rcf106 is currently on the final leg of a rebuilding program that has been relatively painless, and extremely productive. He has been stockpiling future stars, who are just beginning to emerge into the majors. All that is needed now is a little fine tuning, and some patience, and rcf106 will re-establish himself as a long-time contender. His pick-up this year of Martin to anchor an already deep rotation just confirms his status.

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