Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wildcard Races in AL/NL are...............wild!!!

With 15 games to go both the AL/NL have multiple teams locked into a tight battle for the wildcard playoff berths.  As far as bigparb is concerned, the more the merrier.  I truly believe that one clear indicator of the "health" of a world is how many teams are vying for playoff spots. 


In the NL there are 4 teams, including 3/4th of the NL South----Tampa, Iowa and Texas; along with the S17 World Series Champion St. Louis Red Birds in the race for the two wildcard spots.  Tampa is currently leading the race, with Iowa 3 games back, St. Louis 4 games out and Texas 9 games out, but it is ronazbill and his Red Birds who are riding a hot streak, winning their last 5.   Iowa's schedule is clearly the most difficult of the four and will likely leave the Rounders on the outside looking in.  Tampa, St. Louis and Texas's schedules are all pretty equal, and the Wildcats could get hot, but the blog feels that Tampa and St. Louis will find a way to the post-season.  (all this assumes that New Orleans maintains its hold on the NL South---Frank Robbins better not sleep walk down the stretch!!!)


The AL wildcard race is even more competitive with 7 teams fighting for those last two spots, with the AL South representing big-time!!!  Jackson has fought back from some adversity this year, perhaps struggling under the weight of expectations as the Colonels were the blogs pre-season poll pick to win the World Series in this S18.  Jackson is followed by Little Rock (1 game back), Anaheim (3 games back), Santa Fe and Toronto (4 games back), with Kansas City and Montreal on the outside looking in (9 games back).  Jackson and Anaheim are the two hottest teams heading into these final two games and the blog fully expects ml4ku to get his talented team into the wildcard, but who's gonna grab the last spot??  Based on schedules down the stretch Toronto has got to be the favorite to grab the last spot, but how can I look past Anaheim and that lineup....WOW!!!  Don't sleep on Kansas City, isumedici has KC in the mix, and with the most favorable schedule of all may just have something to say about that last spot.  The blog is going with the upset and is picking KC to snag the last spot on the last day of the season!!!

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