Saturday, April 16, 2011

S18 Draft Review by holer

Montreal Coqs

Needs: Everything but Catchers
Unless sir_hc21 can re-sign some of his aging, soon-to-be free agent talent to long term contracts, we will be seeing a major re-build take place in Montreal. The only position not in need of a major overhaul is behind the plate, where sir_hc21 has a number of options, culminating with 19 yr old Abraham Grabowski. On the bright side, with the number of potential Type A FA's Montreal will lose in the next couple of years, there will be plenty of high draft picks in compensation to help with the re-build.

Draft Expectations: Low
The standard 5 picks in 5 rounds beginning with no. 17 overall. No windfall of talent can be expected, but this is the draft where sir_hc21 starts building his future.

Draft Preparation:
The 4th highest payroll in the league was not created by sir_hc21, but it is the burden he has been left with. Montreal, as a result, has low scouting budgets across the board. sir_hc21 did try to adjust his numbers a bit to give himself a higher prospect budget, but he will be limited to trying to pick a rabbit out of the hat in the amateur draft.


Round 1 Pick 17 SP Bob Sisco
A very wise choice. While faced with a major rebuild, there is no better, or more important, place to start than your starting rotation. While not a future hall-of-famer, Sisco will grow to become a very solid no. 2 starter, and a good core player to start building around. His relatively low durability/stamina combination means he will only put in about 6+ innings per start, but they will be quality innings. A solid left/right split, and control/velocity split, means there are few weaknesses for opposing hitters to exploit. He also sports 5 different ML quality pitches. Quite an impressive arsenal.
ML Projection: 170-190 IP/15 W/.220-.240 OAV/2.80-3.20 ERA

Round 2 Pick 74 SP/RP Alfonso Ortega
A very disappointing 2nd pick, Ortega lacks the talent and skill levels needed to break into the bigs. Ceiling AA or AAA long relief.

Round 3 Pick 106 SP/RP John Collins
His numbers are only slightly better than Ortega's, but that may be enough to warrant a sneak peek in the majors. Otherwise, his primary role will be much like Ortega's as a long relief specialist in AAA.

Round 4 Pick 138 RP Jensen Bowman
A scaled down version of Ortega and Collins, which isn't saying much.

Round 5 Pick 170 RP Ahmad Dickens
See above, only scaled down even further.

Hidden Gems: None foreseeable

Overall Grade: D+
With so much on the line, only getting one future ML player in this draft has to be a big disappointment. The only thing that saved this from an "F" grade was Montreal's 1st pick Sisco.

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