Wednesday, April 20, 2011

S18 Draft Review by holer

Arizona Sun Dogs

Needs: Everything but middle infield
Arizona has a somewhat confusing catching situation. 40_dog has 3 very capable hitters available for the job, but all 3 would be much better off as DH's. The only one able to handle a pitching staff is Manny Tabaka, but even he is well below average defensively. At 1B, ARod world legend Omar Castillo is already on the decline, but still has a few good years left in him. Again, he is another player who is much better off as a DH, but because of the lack of defensively proficient players on this squad, 40_dog has pressed him into service at 1B. The middle infield is set with Scott at 2B, and upcoming defensive stud Clifton set to take over at SS.. 3B could use an upgrade over Santayana, and his contract runs out next year anyhow. The outfield is solid, but behind the impressive ML trio, there is nobody on the way up. 40_dog is going to need help on his starting rotation very soon, if not already. Gonzalez and Johnson are aging quickly and need to be replaced. The bullpen is not much better off, and work needs to be done there as well. In summary, without a lot of work now, 40_dog's squad is looking at a major re-build in the next year to 2 years.

Draft Expectations: Very Low
Because of 40_dogs past successes, his first pick wasn't until 28th overall, and with only the standard 5 picks in the first 5 rounds, this is very unfortunate, because he could really use the help. As some of his veterans reach free agency, he should be able to obtain a few more picks in the next few drafts.

Draft Preparation:
The Sun Dogs are near the top of the player payroll list, leaving little flexibility in draft preparation. Right off the top, he slashed international scouting, and with it, the prospect payroll. He also cut his draft scouting payroll to a bare minimum, meaning he has little information to go on for the draft. The only scouting department he left with a considerable budget was the advance scouting.


Round 1 Pick 28 CF/2B Sam Griffith
A pretty good find considering it was the 28th selection, and how little scouting 40_dog had available. What is most unfortunate is that 40_dog, for whatever reason, is unable to sign him. This could be a catastrophic loss for the Sun Dogs who desperately need his talents.

Round 2 Pick 84 P Olmedo Terrero
No information available on this player. This does not matter as 40_dog appears either unable or unwilling to sign this prospect as well.

Round 3 Pick 116 RF/1B Heinie Newfield
A very ordinary outfielder with very ordinary talents. Newfield will max out as either a RF or 1B in AAA before retiring, if not sooner.

Round 4 Pick 148 CF/2B Sam Lewis
Another standard AAA player, Lewis has good enough defense to become a solid 2B, but will be challenged at CF. Offensively, he may not even be able to reach a productive level at AAA.

Round 5 Pick 180 CF/2B Sergei Votto
Defensively, better than Lewis. Offensively, worse than Lewis, but at least he has good speed! He will probably top out at AAA.

Hidden Gems: SP Posiedon Taylor

Overall Grade: F
Considering what is at stake for 40_dog, he has missed an opportunity to start injecting some new life into his franchise. The only way to save anything from this draft, is to somehow get Sam Griffith to sign. Over the next few years, 40_dog either has to get a lot better in the draft, or spend huge amounts of money in the free agent market to try and salvage his team.

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