Wednesday, April 6, 2011

S18 Draft Review by holer

Kansas City KC

Needs: 1B, SP
The most glaring need of this team is without a doubt starting pitching. They have some capable arms in the bullpen, but the guys who are toeing the rubber at the start of each game are being slaughtered. At the everyday positions, Isumedici has most needs already covered. If not already in the bigs, help is on the way through the system. In targeting a "need" at 1B, I am really targeting a need for a big run producer in the heart of the batting order.

Draft Expectations: Very High
Starting with the 14th overall pick, Isumedicihad 3 1st round picks and 8 picks overall in the first 5 rounds. This represents not only a great opportunity to add depth to a developing farm system, but also to add some very much needed starting pitching help.

Draft Preparation:
Again, like many others this season, Isumedici has sacrificed the IFA market. Is there some insider information that I'm not privy to here? As a result, Isumedici has been able to adequately prepare monetarily for a deep draft run. His team salary is slightly below average, and the remainder of his budget is spread evenly between the prospect budget and his scouting department


Round 1 Pick 14 COF Bonk Lincoln
Although assigned to RF, Lincoln's arm is not strong enough to effectively play that position. His natural position is in LF. Offensively, Isumedici nailed this pick as Lincoln represents the solid middle-of-the-order bat that this franchise desperately needs. Combining his bat with both good speed and outstanding baserunning IQ, Lincoln should hold the number 3 slot in the batting order for as long as the KC's want him there. He has elite quality splits for both effectiveness, and contact/batting eye. With modest 25 HR power, it should take a pretty special hitter to unseat him from the number 3 slot.
ML Projection: 25HR/.330-.340 BA/30-35 SB

Round 1 Supp Pick 37 SS Ira Flores
With both his range and glove below an 80 rating, Flores will struggle at SS, especially once he arrives in the ML. His low durability rating will mean one of two things, either he will need another player on the team capable of frequently giving him rest time, or he will have to be the utility guy filling in wherever he is needed. He certainly represents a pretty good quality utility player. Offensively, he can provide some much needed run support from the lower half of the order. At pick 37, he is about what you should expect.
ML Projection: 15 HR/.270 BA/30 SB

Round 1 Supp Pick 48 SS Oscar Trammell
Trammell has signability issues and may, or may not, become available to the team. If he were to sign up, he would add another good quality utility player similar to Ira Flores, except with more power and less running ability.
ML Projection: 25-30 HR/.250-.260 BA/5-10 SB

Round 2 Pick 68 SS Cole Hochevar
Although Hochevar belongs to the rare species that is the slugging SS, he is the bargain basement cheap plastic model. Although his bio says "made in the USA" he is really "made in China". His defense is very sub-par for a SS and he would probably struggle at 3B. Although he does have plenty of power, he will be seriously challenged to get the bat on the ball at the ML level. Expect him to max out at AAA.

Round 2 Pick 71 3B Blake Spencer
Again a bargain basement version at 3B, Spencer at least has enough going for him that he could find himself doing spot duty in the bigs as an IF replacement.
ML Projection: Spot duty/utility player

Round 3 Pick 103 SP Ignacio Matos
It's a shame Matos has such pronounced control problems, because he otherwise has such promising talent. If Isumedici were lucky enough to get Matos DITRed, he would be looking at a top 3 starter in his rotation, but lets face it, the chances of that happening are slim to none. So in the end, Matos will probably get a look in the bigs, where he will implode, and will then finish out his career in AAA.
ML Projection: Cup of Coffee

Round 4 Pick 135 LF Darryl Terry
some power and baserunning ability here, but not enough to escape AAA.

Round 5 Pick 167 2B Chad Laxton
Could be used by someone as a 2B/CF backup, but probably won't happen. Ceiling AAA

Hidden Gems: C Eric Creek?

Overall Grade: C+
After nailing his first pick with Bonk lincoln, Isumedici started to drift away from what his franchise really needed, quality pitching. In the end, after all his picks were examined, he should have expected, and gotten more for his picks.

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