Wednesday, April 13, 2011

S18 Draft Review by holer

Syracuse Psychos

Needs: C, IF, SP
Paddling into uncharted waters, ARod great gydk suddenly finds himself in a situation where he has to start filling in some glaring holes. Starting with a quickly deteriorating situation behind the plate, gydk has a catching tandem of two aging defensive stars that are going from little offense, to no offense at all. The infield is a patchwork of veterans coupled with some young OF talent being forced into the infield to fill the gaps. The OF situation looks much better with a number of options available, but with players already being forced into the infield, the outfield ranks have become thin as well. In the rotation, Syracuse has several good pitchers that are getting quite old. The quality then drops off dramaticaly to the next tier of prospects coming up. Help is obviously needed here as well.

Draft Expectations: Very Low
Following up on his last great, dominant season, gydk did not experience his first pick until no. 29 overall this year. Coupled with just the standard 5 picks in the first 5 rounds, gydk should not expect much help to come from this draft. This may change starting next year as he has several top end stars approaching free agency, but that is next year and this is this year.

Draft Preparation:
There was not much gydk could do this year in terms of draft preparation. He has a high payroll being paid out to a few select aging stars. As a result, he had little money left over for scouting or prospects, and this season's draft could reflect that.


Round 1 Pick 29 CF Shawn Durocher
Considering it was pick no. 29, Durocher was a pretty good pick-up. Defensively he is a mixed bag. He will get to a lot of balls, but will also make plenty of mistakes. He has good speed and base running skills, and plenty of power, but will struggle to get on base at times. Considering the task at hand for gydk, he did well to get Durocher.
ML Projection: 40 HR/.250-260 BA/25-30 SB

Round 2 Pick 85 SP Devaris Collins
A poor man's 4th or 5th starter, Collins may find himself somewhere in the Syracuse rotation within 3 to 4 years due to Syracuse's current predicament.
ML Projection: 200 IP/8-10 W/.280-.290 OAV/4.00-5.00 ERA

Round 3 Pick 117 C Milt Hillenbrand
Nice pickup in round 3 for Syracuse. Hillenbrand's defense isn't the best, but with a couple of elite defensive catchers already onboard, his bat is what Syracuse needs at this position.
ML Projection: 25-30 HR/.260-.270 BA/5 SB

Round 4 Pick 149 SP/RP Eli Sandoval
Huge signability issues. Why so many controlling mothers? Be a man Eli and make your own decisions!

Round 5 Pick 181 SP Luis Ontiveros
Standard AAA SP.

Hidden Gems: None foreseeable

Overall Grade: B-
Considering gydk was between a rock and a hard place going into this draft, coming away with 2 solid quality prospects was an admirable achievement. I am looking for him to achieve even better results in the next few drafts.

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