Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playoff Picture - Cruchtime

Looks like th six playoff squads in the AL are determined. Jacksonville's magic number to is 2 with 9 to play, and should clinch within the next few cycles.

Cincinatti is 1 up on Augusta, but both teams have clinched a postseason berth. Augusta currently has the upper hand in the first two tie-breaker scenarios, but not by much. They are 4-3 against Cincy and 15-9 within the division. The Sexton's division record is 14-10. They play head-to-head in the second-to-last series of the season. Neither are in good position for a first round bye.

The top seed and bye was clinched by LA. Charlotte's magic number to clinch the second seed and bye is 3 with 9 to play.

Not so settled in the NL, as half of the six playoff spots have been claimed, but the other three are wide open. Tampa, St. Louis and Burlington are all in as division winners. For the two byes, Tampa's magic number is 3 and St' Louis's 4 with 9 to play.

In the NL North, Chicago has taken a 2 game lead over both Milwaukee and Tacoma with 9 to play. They hold first tiebreaker over Milwaukee by virtue of their 7-3 record head to head. The Blagos are only 2-5 against Tacoma, however, and their final series of the season should be huge. In second tiebreaker, Chicago's record within the division is 15-9, Tacoma's 16-8 with 6 games left.

Milwaukee's head to head record against Tacoma is 4-3 with one more series between the teams. This is important for the wild card scenario as well. Where Milwaukee has a distinct disadvantage is in the second tiebreaker, which is record within the division. Milwaukee is only 11-13, while Tacoma's 16-8 would be almost impossible to overcome.

Tacoma can help themselves greatly with some solid play down the stretch, as they get to face both Milwaukee and Chicago for a series each before it's all over.

For the wild card, Iowa is 2 games back with 9 left. They finished 5-5 against both Tacoma and Milwaukee, but only 2-8 against Chicago. Iowa needs Chicago to win the division to better their own chances. Iowa's divisional record is 15-9, and looks to have the distinct advantage in a tie with Milwaukee.

New Britain has a great chance to play spoiler in some of these important divisional games. In may in fact come down to second tiebreaker. They play 3 at Chicago and 3 at Milwaukee.

And lets not write off Vancouver just yet.  The Shock are 4 games back with 9 left but miracles do happen.  The only thing going in the Shock's favor is they have the most favorable schedule down the stretch with 3 against Scranton, Helena and Las Vegas each.  As for the tie-breakers, da Couv was 5-5 against Tacoma and Mil-e-wau-kee "which is El Gonquin for the good land",  6-4 against Chicago and 7-3 against Iowa.  Bigparb13 and his Shock need Chicago to win the North in impressive fashion and then to close his eyes and pray.  Did I mention Vancouver is only 10-14 in division---the worst of all contending team (Damn you St. Louis!!!)

Good luck! This should be fun!

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