Wednesday, February 15, 2012

S21 ARod Blog Awards


 Jaime "The Fire" Byrne just edges out Pat "The Baker" Dougherty for the NL MVP.  The difference maker---WINNING--Byrne led his team to 102 wins---tied for the most in the NL.  Byrne has his finest season as a pro, scoring 117 runs, smacking 43 HR's with 130 RBI to go along with a .337 BA, a .410 OBP and a 1.028 OPS and an NL leading 9.568 Runs created/27.  "The Fire" Byrne also did the job in RF with 9 plus play and 0 negative plays.

NL Cy Young

Alex Torres -  Mr. Torres was certainly pushed by young gun "Don" Juan Bennett, but there is no doubt in this bloggers mind that Torres deserves his 2nd NL Cy Young award in the last 3 seasons.  His numbers were sick!! 26 quality starts (tied for NL lead) 18-3 win/loss record, a 1.13 WHIP, a 2.59 ERA, 216 K's and did I mention he anchored the staff of the other 102 win NL team!!!


Clarence Coleman just edges out Dennis Hammel for the ROY.   Coleman has a bright future ahead of him and I'm sure ndrules is looking forward to CC getting into the Cy Young picture down the road.  Coleman finished with a 10-7 win/loss record, 202 innings pitches, 191 K's (4th in the NL), 1.27 WHIP, a 3.03 ERA, 21 quality starts.


This is a tough one.  Clearly its a 3 man race between Carlos Valdes, Pedro Bonilla and RJ Ordonez.  After much deliberation and consultation with myself, I couldn't chose Ordonez because of 3 things---1) team didn't make playoffs; 2) missed 21 games; 3) playing in such a favorable home park, I'd need his #'s to be significantly better than the others.  As for Valdes and Bonilla its soooo difficult to separate them---#1 and #2 teams in AL and neither had to carry their team as they are surrounded by stars.  In the end when you have two guys so damn close, I'm a sucker for guys making history and therefore Pedro "Hack" Bonilla should capture his 6th MVP award.

AL Cy Young

Reese "Smokin" Hemphill should collect his 3rd straight MVP!!  Hemphill may not have had as many wins as the other candidates but his stats as a whole are head and shoulder above the rest (my apologies to Alex Crespo)----let's take a look, shall we......16-10 win/loss record with 8 complete games and 2 shutouts,  a workhorse like 262.1 innings, a ML best 240 K's, along with a 1.05 WHIP, a 3.16 ERA!! My oh My!!


Jason Mathew  --  First off let me just say that Cleatus "The Great" Alexander put up some startling numbers in only 122 games and Lira/Borders were both great for oneofpeace and his Frontiersman.  Now that that is out of the way, for me this came down to two young pitchers who put in some big time work for their teams---Royce Holt and Mathews.  In the end, it was so difficult for the voter to separate these guys.....Holt had more wins, but but Mathew pitched more innings, had more K's and less walks, had a better WHIP and ERA and had more quality starts.  Great pickup for ml4ku!! 

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