Sunday, March 11, 2012

S22 HOF - Get these 5 in!!

1) 1B Dante Ming   -  "The MVP".  9x ARod NL MVP.  Nuff said!!

2)  SP Sal MacDougal   -  MacDougal played for 17 long years.  He racked up the most wins and strikeout in the history of ARod as of today---286 wins and 3053 stikeouts.  MacDougal was S4 AL Cy Young winner; he was a 7x AL All-Star and picked up a World Series championship in S16 with long-time ARod owner dblaine and his Fargo Flockers.  MacDougal was great in the regular season as evidence by his wins, strikeouts and career WHIP of 1.33, but it was in that magical S16 run to the title that Mr. MacDougal was at his best.........5 games started, 4 wins, 2 complete games, 1 shutout, .137 oba, .201 obp, .202 ops, 0.73 WHIP and 1.46 ERA. 

3) SP Johnny Vernon  -    Meet the man who teamed up with HOFer Marvin Punto as one half of the most dominant pitching combination the World of ARod has ever seen, Johnny "Mount" Vernon.   Vernon was nothing short of fantastic during the Mets magical run as he picked in the S1 NL Rookie of the Year and then followed that up with 4 straight NL Cy Young awards, not to mention the 5 All-Star nods he was awarded.  "Mount" Vernon's line in S2 just might be the best this world have ever seen:  24-2, .096 whip, 1.88 ERA, 215.2 innings pitched, 27 of 32 were Quality Starts, and teams on hit .192 off of him.  Sick.

4) 1B Alfredo Sosa   -   Alfredo "Say it Ain't" Sosa is one of the true smash brothers that have come thru this world.  Looking at his stats from S3 thru S11, it's truly shocking that Sosa only picked up 1 MVP---S5.  Despite not picking up a few more MVP's, Sosa definitely pickup up plenty of accolades along the way: S3 AL Rookie of the Year, 6-time All-Star, 2-time Home Run Derby Champ and 4 Silver Slugger awards.  Think about this; Sosa averaged 60 Hr/year during the first 10 years of his career, and ranks 3rd all-time with 718 career bombs.  That's not all he did though---see the .315 career BA.

5)  SP and Closer Albie Villano   -   Villano was an absolute stud.  3x AL Cy Young winner, 10x All-Star,  1 World Series Ring and 2x NL Fireman of the Year.   Villano spent most of his career as one of the best SP in the world, culminating with his magical S7---Record 27-2, Cy Young, WS, All-Star----Villano pitched the legendary Colorado Ballavalanche squad to a title while Roy Bell and Omar Castillo provided to sticks.  Villano picked up 232 of 264 wins as a SP and then extended his already fantastic career by becoming a lock down closer late in his career.  Villano's career WHIP of 1.20 and ERA of 3.39 are two of the best career marks in ARod history.

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