Friday, March 9, 2012

S22 Kicks Off!!

1) Welcome to the new owners in ARod-----here's to hoping you stick around and prove your worth to the league just as other recent additions to the league have like brutus 08, patrick40293875093, carseneau, mtg54, asexton065, jimmy302745093 and reigny (my apologies if I missed anyone).

2) ARod is bound to see some major prospect finally debut this year shortly after 20 games have been play, but of the guys promoted thus far, the blog can see big impact on the parent club by Miguel Navarre, Phil Sandberg, Al Gardner, Ivan Aquino, Chris Montague, Maverick Johnson and Les Soriano.   On second thought, I could have just said "Let take a look at the future of the Tacoma Downriggers"!!!

3) We've had some major contracts signed in pre-season free agency.  Here's a look at some of the biggest:

                     a)  Gio Hernandez by Colorado Shock - $110 million x 5 yrs.  The jury is out on whether or not this was a good move for the Shock.  Clearly some in the league feel this is too much for any one play and then again some covet this type of pitcher.  bigparb can't wait to find out if he was right and hopes the veteran presence of "The Hybrid" can help the rest of his young pitching staff hold opponents to less runs than he can score in the thin air of the Rockies!!
                     b)  Pat Combs by Trenton Thunder - $101 million x 5 yrs.  50below clearly isn't as dumb as bigparb---he as able save $9 million for his other FA moves.  Combs teams with S18 AL Cy Young winner Karl Hurst to makes one of the best 1-2 punches in all of ARod.  Jimmy 023945702934875, jeslav and legendary owner gydk can't like this one bit!!!
                    c)  Lorenzo Alomar by Santa Fe Sluggers - $57.5 million x 5 yrs.  tony23 clearly is realizing that he can't just hope to out-slug Jackson, Charlotte and Wichita.  I don't know what role he has planned for Mr. Alomar, but as a Set up A guy, the Sluggers could get close to 150 high-quality inning out of him!!  What an a great asset out of the bullpen!!
                    d)  Santos Delgado by Burlington Booya - $27 million x 5 yrs.  This is a huge contract for a #6 starter/mop up guys with sub-par ratings in control, vL and vR.  tman has proven over the years to be a shrewd evaluator of talent, but this one has the blog scratching its head.  Time will tell if this was money well spent.
                    e)  Trey Middlebrook by Santa Fe Sluggers - $27 million x 4 yrs.  tony23 again is picking up an elite role player.  Middlebrook was an All-Star for Burlington in S18 and has the ability to pick up a gold glove or two during the life of his contract.
                    f)  Enos Hoffman by Pittsburgh Steel Makers - $44 millions x 5 yrs.  Rookie owner bravesfan108 made a great move in the blogs opinion by picking up a guy who can provide defensive options along with a big bat.  He also picked up veteran arms Stu Magee & Aramis Herrera.  bravesfan108 is a noob?  Wish I was that smart in my rookie season.....some clearly think I'm still a dumb ass.
                    g) Larry Kile by Charlotte Minute Men - $28 million x 4 years.  Safetyman is throwing a decent chuck of money at an aging veteran, but this isn't no ordinary veteran, this is a 2-time AL Cy Young winner.  Then again, Kile will be 38 in the last year of his contract.  Can you say "geezer" safetyman??
                    h) Don Wallace by Los Angeles Dodgers - $29million x 4 years.  slashtc put together an interesting contract for Mr. Wallace and will be paying $11.6 in the last two years; either way though, Wallace is a great pickup.  He was a much needed piece for slashtc to add that lends stability to his rotation.
                    i)  Douglas Scott by Texas Wildcats - $10 million x 1 yr.  This is a weird signing.  Haven't seen a guy in FA demand command this kind of money for 1 year.

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