Monday, August 27, 2012

AL & NL Division Series Recaps by cebola

Jackson took a 2-1 series lead over LA, with the big win coming in game 2's 13-7 thumping in which Jaret Walters drove in 5. With a chance to clinch at home, the Colonels were thwarted by veteran Adrian Messmer's gem in LA's 5-0 win, evening the series. Jackson's bats could not get going in the clincher either, as they're held to 1 run by Charlie Rushford. Jamie "Fire" Byrne's (how come my Don's can't get players like this?) 2-run double in the 5th would be the game and series deciding hit as LA wins 2-1 to take the series.

Jackson was once again strong and most of their line-up seems to be intact for at least a few more seasons. They always churn out good young pitching, so even with a possible defection by Reese "Smokin'" Hemphill, they'll definitely be back next season. Great job, Jackson!

Trenton also jumped out to a 2-1 series lead over Cincinatti on the strength of Karl Hurst's 6-0 gem in game 2, and the 13-5 game 3 thrashing that saw probable MVP Nick Jacquez homer thrice. Cincy showed their mettle by bouncing back to take a 9-2 lead in game 4 before the Thunder started booming. They scored 5 run in the 8th to cut the lead to 9-8 before releiver Mathew Gibson put out the fire by getting the final 4 outs to seal the victory. Game 5 was an instant classic (it's on ESPN Classic tonight), as the Sextons overcame a 4-1 defecit at the hands of Hurst by scoring 5 in the 7th. They blasted 3 homers in the inning, the biggie a 3-runner by Harry Sosa. Trenton tied it up in the bottom of the inning, but their pen could not keep the Cincy bats at bay as they surrender 4 in the 9th. The Sextons go on the next series against LA and keep their team-of-destiny stature alive.

Trenton had a season for the ages, but could not top it off with a title. They are undoubtedly in terrific shape to make many more runs at it with a line-up of MVP candidates and a staff of Cy Young hopefulls. A job very well done!

Except for Iowa's 8-3 win in their do-or-die game 3 win, all 4 games were decided by 1 or 2 runs in this series between division rivals. Curtis Lewis had the big 3-run homer in game 3 to give Iowa the spark they needed to keep hope alive. With Tampa still ahead 2 games to 1, they had their two veteran aces on the hill, each with a chance to win the series, but Rich "Say it Ain't So" Sobolewski couldn't hold a 2 run lead in the 7th, as Chris Cust (why can't my Dons get players like this?) comes up with the big 2-run single to break the tie and send Iowa to the 4-2 win. And when Harry "Met Sal" Lee gave up 4 in the first two innings of game 5, the series was all but over as Rounder pitching continued to silence Tampa's bats. Vinny Cortes and the Iowa pen cruised to the 4-2 win and the series victory.

The Don's and cebola had a great season and should be tough once again next year.  Can cebola add that bat or two that might put the Don's over the hump?  Can't wait to see!!!

Mighty Cleveland seemed to make a statement in their game one 12-2 victory over bottom-seed Helena, as 5 Cobalts had at least 2 RBI, and they blasted 5 homers (2 by Darren Ferguson.) But Helena continued their quest as the NL's version of team-of-destiny by taking the next three, including game 2's dramatic 11 inning affair. Helena could have crumbled after blowing a 6-1 lead in the 8th & 9th to send the game to extras, but Ronnie Rapp hits a huge 3-run homer in the 11th to give the Peacemakers hope and momentum. In game 4, Babe Colin gets his 3rd win of the postseason and clean-up hitter Hersch Glynn drives in 3. Game 4 may have been the best of all though, as catcher Troy 'How much is my" Farnsworth erases a 4-2 deficit by blasting a grand slam in the 8th to send Helena soaring to the 6-4 series clinching win.

Cleveland will be back next season, I'm sure, as they boast a line-up with a couple MVP candidates and several other all-stars. Great job getting that team back on top!

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