Thursday, August 23, 2012

AL Round 1 Recap

Cincinnati continued their hot streak against division rival Augusta by taking the first two games of their round 1 series. Cincy had previously swept the Polar Bears at the end of the regular season to snatch the division title from them and earn home field advantage. John Martin had a 3-run homer and 4 RBI total in the game 1 11-2 thrashing. In game 2 Cincinnati put togther rally after rally in scoring single runs in 5 consecutive innings to wear down Calvin "Sweet As" Sugawara in their 6-3 win. Augusta bounced back with victories in the next two to even the series, with game 4 being a 15-inning 2-1 nail-biter. Gane 1 hero for Cincy, John Martin, left 7 men on base, including leavin' 'em loaded in the 14th. Augusta had just squandered a bases loaded opportunity in the 13th. Augusta's bullpen was unbelievable as they pitched 8 shut-out innings after Pedro "High" Sierra went the first 7, surrendering only 1 run. Danys "Don't Ask," Dotel lofted the game-winning single over the heads of the drawn in outfield to score Ugueth Roque, who had tripled with 1 out. In the clincher, Cincinnati took care of business early, scoring 5 times in the first in their 10-3 win. Ryan Hicks picked up his 2nd win of the series and earns series MVP, and mid-season acquisition Cam Weston hit the big 3-run homer to send the Sextons to the next round to face Trenton.

Augusta was again a force to be reckoned with and they won't be going anywhere soon. They have a strong front four in their rotation with McCartney, Sierra, Sugawara and Bell. Their solid, well-balanced line-up, featuring the likes of Juarez, Alvarez and Alexander will surely keep them in the hunt for next season and beyond. Great job!

Jackson and Tacoma alternated victories in the first four games of the series, with 25 year old Tacoma starter Erick Durham outdueling veteran ace Reese "Smokin'' Hemphill in Tacoma's 10 win. Durham pitched 7 innings giving up just 4 hits and 0 walks. Bonk Lincoln provided all the offense he would need with a solo homerun. Game 3 was just as intense as Jaskson tied the game at 2 in the top of the 9th on an error by RJ Ordonez with 2 out. But he was picked up by Phil Matsui's walk-off homer in the bottom half to give Tacoma a 2-1 series lead. Jackson responded with their backs against the wall by winning the next game 7-3. Roy "Purple" Hayes got the win in going 7 strong, and Enrique Hernandez provided the big three-run homer to break it open. In the deciding game, Jackson's line-up full of playoff tested veterans built a 6-1 lead through 7 on a three-run shot by Ralph "Billy the Kidd" Kydd and a couple of solo shots by Dan Blair. But Tacoma would not go down without a fight, as they get homers from Javy Ortiz and Adam Smith (2 run shot) to cut it to 6-4 in the 8th. They scratch out another un in the 9th, but come up short, as Jackson takes the series. Dan Blair earns series MVP by scoring 7 runs to go with his 2 jacks and 4 RBI.

Tacoma gets to the playoffs for the first time since season 13, and there is a lot to look forwark to. Hitters Adam Smith and Bonk Lincoln are still developing and starters Erick Durham and Alving Guerrero, who missed the series due to injury, are going to get better. Great job, and we'll see you in the running next season, I'm sure!


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