Saturday, November 24, 2012

AL Playoff Push (Special Addition) by cebola

After making up 6 games in 6 days, Montreal is on the verge of one of the greatest late season runs in ARod history. Going into the last series of the season, the Maroons trail Charlotte by one game for the final playoff spot. The odds seem to be against Montreal completing the comeback, as they face a tough Cincinnati squad for their final three, while Charlotte visits the 97-loss Sante Fe Sluggers. But hey, the odds were against them getting it this close!

The Maroons have been getting key contributions from a couple of rooks, in Louis Foster (26 HR) and ROY front-runner Casey Adams who has put up a .315/.400/.493 line while playing gold-glove caliber centerfield. Veteran Enos Hoffman has been the big run producer in the middle of the line-up, with his team-leading 35 HR and 109 RBI. 2B Keith Rivera had been a force as well, belting 27 HR while driving in 106.

But the big story has been the Montreal bullpen. The late inning trio of Tom Benson, all-star set-up man Ben McKinley, and Stevie “I Have a Pony” Wright have combined to go 17-8 over 230 innings of relief while posting a 1.13 WHIP and 2.60 ERA. Oh yeah, did I mention their closer Kennie Parrish, who is the sure bet to win the Fireman of the Year, and should also get serious Cy Young Award consideration? He has 58 saves. Four of the starters have double-digit wins, led by Andrew Gates’s 15. Their other starter has won 9.

Great job, Montreal! It’ll be a great final series to watch.

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