Saturday, November 10, 2012

ARod Top Ten - S24 - 11/10/12

1)  Los Angeles Dodgers (70-46) - There's not shortage of power in the City of Angels, though slashtc's lineup isn't hitting as well as they have in the past (see the low OBP and low OPS).   The starting pitching has been OK, but the strength of this team appears to be its bullpen.  Hardtke, Valdes and Jones have been great at closing out games!!  (1)

2) Augusta Polar Bears (75-43)  -  The commish is getting some great starting pitching from Flip McCartney, Pedro "High" Sierra and Clavin "Sweet as" Sugarwara.   Couple this with masher Cleatus Alexander "The Great" and the Polar Bears will be trouble for anyone in the post-season. (6)

3) Colorado Shock (79-39) -  The Shock have been absolutely great at home this season posting a record of 45-16.  MVP candidates Benito "Bam Bam" Rijo and Felipe "The Count of Monte Cristi" Mercado lead an offense hitting nearly .300 as a team!! (3)

4) Jackson Colonels (79-39) - Kydd and Blair,  Blair and Kydd;  either way it's magic.   sneekes has taken this team to the next level, but get Jackson to the World Series?   The blog isn't sure about this and needs to see more for the Colonels to move up this list.  (4)

5)  Cincinnati Sextons (70-48) - Moreno, Ducey, Martin, Quintero -  The Bash Brothers!!!   This group continues to carry sex and his Sextons to the promise land, but that pitching has been borderline atrocious for a top-end team.   The Beer League Bombers are having their way so far. (2)

6) Iowa City Rounders (69-49) - Nothing new under the sun in the corn fields of Iowa.  Pitching continues to be the story, though Curtis Lewis and Sammy Cochrane are certainly doing their part at the plate.  The Rounders are a team no one wants to see in the playoffs!!  (6)

7)  Washington D.C. Senators (68-50) -  38 yr old William Wagner, a former Cy Young winner in Chicago, has re-invented himself as a lock down closer.   Wagner veteran presence has been a huge reason for the Senators sudden emergence.  Combine Wagner with RBI machine Oleg D'Amico and the Senators have a great change to make noise in the post-season.  (8)

8)  Charlotte Minute Men (65-53) -  Veteran pitcher Einar Tavarez is leading the way for safetyman and his Minute Men who are picking things up down the stretch.   Has Jackson ran out too far for Charlotte to catch or can Charlotte hold on to their wild card spot?   Tommy Jordan and Pete Bailey are sure to have something to say about this.  (NR)

9)  Tampa Bay Don Caesars (67-51) - The blog feels like this might be a little low for cebola's squad after seeing the Don Caesars take 2 of 3 from his beloved Shock.   Clearly they have lost their air of invincibility but TB is still tough with guys like Hi Shouse and Rob Cormier leading the way.  (9)

10) Montreal Maroons (65-54) - Young star Casey Adams has quietly put together a Rookie of the Year seasons in the cold north of Canada and Kennie Parrish has closed out 43 of 46 games.  I don't think he's going to break the record of 63, but it could be close!!

On da Cusp:  Helena, Trenton, Texas, Cleveland, San Diego

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