Saturday, January 12, 2013

S25 Power 10

1)  San Diego Beards of Zeus -  40_dog and his Black Panther magic is doing even better than winning 60%  of the time 100% of the time...they rolling at a clip of 76%.   SD has been on a slow up swing winning 62, 75, 83 over the last 3 seasons.   Can young gun Horacio DeLeon get 40 back to the playoffs for the first time since S18?

2)  Augusta Polar Bears -  Balls are flying out of Noes Field at an alarming rate.......the blog wonders if the commish took a page from The Lorrax and bottled some of the fresh Rocky Mountain air and is piping it into Noes.......could happen......

3)  Tampa Bay Don Caesers -  2x ARod World Series champ cebola continues to get it done with solid hitting to go with great pitching and fielding.    You better have a lead late against TB as stud closer Alfonso Villafuerte is virtually unhittable!!!

4)  Philadelphia Colonials -  All those years in the basement collecting talent is paying off in a big way for brutus08, but the "cou de ta" was landing superstar SP Gary Pressley last year in a trade........speaking of that, who traded him to brutus?  I gotta go back and look so we can kick their ass!!!  :)

5)  Helena Peacemakers - Another team loaded with superstar young's to wishing we had to the MWR in place 10 season's ago, maybe bigp wouldn't be in for such a dog fight this year.   Keep an eye on slugger Hersh Glynn as that crazy breakout MVP season could happen at any moment.

6)  Tacoma XMEN -  Just when it looked like mrx39 was going to give up on his rebuild, he gives it one last change and what do you know............loads of young talent here but is there enough pitching to keep this going?

7)  Colorado Shock -  The Shock are doing what The Shock do......struggle against the truly elite and handle everyone else.   Could this be the year that bigparb13's $110 million investment finally pays off - Gio Hernandez?

8)  Hartford Dirt Dobbers -  The entire town of Hartford held its collective breath when superstar Art Krause was injured ..... luckily for the Dobbers it was just a calf strain and with Krause set to make his return tomorrow, rdwaltz71 has done a great job keeping the Dobbers in 1st place in the NL North division.

9)  San Juan Rum Runners -  new owner BroncoRon has a solid veteran squad sitting in first place but in recent days he's indicated a desire to re-build.  There's been no significant moves to-date but the blog wonders when we might see that first domino fall......

10)  Tie -Trenton Thunder &  Iowa City Rounders -  really?  really?  two of the best teams in ARod both sitting under .500 33 games in a more that a bit shocking?   Is it rebuild time for Iowa?     

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