Tuesday, December 25, 2012

S25 Hall of Fame vote

It just don't get any easier than this folks.   We've got five ARod legends up for the Hall this year.   Let's not embarrass ourselves by not voting a couple of these guys in (again).

1)  Emmanuel Aquino  -  13 All-Star appearances, 2nd all-time to Dante Ming, S6 AL ROY, S7 All-Star game MVP, 2x World Series Champ, 8x Silver Slugger and S14 AL MVP, Aquino's racked up some amazing stats.  Check out this slash line over 17 seasons - .325/.405/.643/1.048;  add 716 HR (#5 all-time),  2126 RBI (#4 all-time), 1871 runs (#5 all-time), 1100 walks, 500 doubles and dude could run too - 229 SB.   Aquino was never a magician (1 Gold Glove at 2B)  in the field but playing most of his career at 2B, he had a .985 fielding% while there.   If this guy isn't in the HOF this year I will have to question the collective intelligence of this world.

2)  Jack Redmond  -  10 All-Star appearances, tied for 3rd all-time, 4x AL Cy Young winner, 2x World Series Champ and S15 AL Gold Glove pitcher, "Black" Jack is in the discussion of best pitchers in the history of ARod and as if you needed more evidence - 253 W(#4 all-time) - 108 L in 523 GS; 2871 K(#3 all-time) vs. only 1044 BB;  career WHIP of 1.19 and ERA of 3.12.

3) Dan Stuart   -   6 All-Star appearances, 3x NL Cy Young winner, 2x World Series Champ, 2x NL Gold Glove pitcher, The Big Train was the most durable and dominant pitcher the NL has seen.  281 W(#2 all-time) - 159 L, 104 CG(#1 all-time) in 561 GS, 4002.2 innings pitched (#1 all-time), 2793 K(#5 all-time) vs. only 1088 BB and a career WHIP of 1.22 and ERA of 3.53.  Oh and he's #1 all-time in Shutouts(31), Quality Starts(357) too......Get'r done!!

4) Tony Weiss   -  9 All-Star appearances, tied for 4th all-time, S16 AL MVP, S6 NL ROY, 10x Silver Slugger, Weiss was one of the greatest non-power hitting hitters in the history of ARod and his MVP season was one for the ages----he hit .384 with an OBP of .451, scored 164 runs and ripped 262 hits (an all-time single season record) and stole 57 bases---not bad eh?   For his career he hit .324 with a .399 OBP, ripped 2961 hits (#5 all-time), scored 1809 runs, had 1321 RBI and walked 1031 times......almost forgot the 778 SB's (#3 all-time) and the 545 doubles (#5 all-time)!!!

5) Sal MacDougal   - 7 All-Star appearances, tied for 6th all-time, S4 AL Cy Young winner, S16 World Series Champ, MacDougal was the AL's answer to Dan Stuart.   He may not have racked up quite as many Cy's, but if you needed a Win, look no further - #1 in all-time wins with 286, #2 in innings pitched with 3814, #4 in CG with 77, #2 in Shutouts with 29 and #1 in K's at 3053.  Nuff said!!

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