Monday, December 3, 2012

MWR - The loosecc decision

“After a thorough investigation, careful consideration, and much deliberation, the veterans committee has decided to grant owner loosecc a one-year probation for failing to meet this past season’s minimum win requirement. He will be required to win 67 games next season in order to stay in ARod; there is no "2nd" probation.

There were many factors involved in the decision, including the fact that loosecc was invited to join the league as a relatively inexperienced owner to take over a team with a recent track record of losing, before the minimum win requirement was "officially" established. This fact, combined with loosecc’s demonstrating a sincere dedication to improving his team and a commitment to improving his knowledge base was another consideration. The committee feels that the franchise is more likely to succeed with the current owner than it would be otherwise.

If you have any questions about the decision making process, you may contact any of the members of the veterans committee. Please know that this decision was not taken lightly, and that the committee acted with the best interest of the World in mind.”


  1. That the committee acted with the best interest of the World in mind.