Wednesday, December 5, 2012

S24 NL Awards

NL MVP -  Benito Rijo
     *Dig deeper....Rijo was a monster AWAY from Coors this year and should have gotten a Gold Glove at 3B.   It's time for his 3rd MVP.

NL Cy Young - Santo Cerda
   *My apologies to Donte Zoltan who put up ridiculous numbers in the light air of Colorado....but could the blog give his own guys both awards?? :)   As for Cerda, he's the reason Scranton wasn't in the toilet this year.

NL ROY - Shawn Lo Duca
      *I know Oleg hit alot of bombs and drove in a lot of runs, but for some reason I find myself more impressed with this rookie locking down 33 of 37 save opps......perhaps its my own history of never having a guy who can do that.....

NL CoY -  patrick71665
     -As much as I'd have liked to give this award to bigparb13, the wins in Colorado weren't as much of a surprise as what happened with Washington's run to the NL title.  Game recognizes game....

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