Wednesday, October 19, 2011

S20 Draft Review - Iowa City Rounders

Iowa City Rounders 

Needs: 1B or OF with power, RP
Solid starting catcher and backup in place
Team is heavy on natural shortstops and 2B, and as such, is missing the middle of the lineup thug who drives in copious numbers of runs
There are some big bats in the OF, but two of the biggest, Walters and Aquino, are starting to age
As always, the Iowa rotation is amongst the best
The bullpen is aging and can use some fresh blood.

Draft Preparation:
Player budget: high (103 mill)
Prospect budget: low (6 mill)
Draft budget: almost non-existant, college (4 mill) high school 0

Number of Draft Picks Rounds 1-5: 5


Round 1 Pick 29 2B Grant Marshall 
Talented defensive 2B, Marshall should have plenty of chances to win gold gloves if he can make the team. Considering the quality of the pitching talent on the mound in Iowa, he should get plenty of infield chances. His hitting is not the best, although his left/right splits are of ML quality. He is a good baserunner with good speed, meaning he will probably hit ahead of the pitcher in the number 8 spot.
ML Proj: 550 AB/5 HR/.230 BA/25 SB

Round 2 Pick 95 LF Bobby Ray Stephenson
Career minor leaguer. Ceiling AA

Round 3 Pick 127 COF Jeff Mouton
Career minor leaguer. Ceiling AA

Round 4 Pick 160 SS Heath Maxwell
Career minor leaguer. Ceiling AA

Round 5 Pick 192 CF Don Diaz
Career low minor leagues

Hidden Gems: none apparent

Overall Grade: D-
Although ahsowhat was not in desperate need of any particular type of player, to only come up with one marginal ML prospect has to be considered a disaster. It is a lost draft year which will now have to be overcome somewhere down the road.

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