Saturday, October 15, 2011

S20 Draft Review - Las Vegas Bishes

 Las Vegas Bishes

Needs: of, SP, Defensive C
Behind the plate Chris Smith projects to become a monster hitter, however he will need better defensive help to hold those huge leads he helps create
The infield has filled out nicely with a collection of talented youngsters
The outfield looks to have a solid threesome emerging, but an upgrade at one of the COF positions could still be made
Another quality arm is needed in the rotation
The bullpen is set with some high quality young talent

Draft Preparation:
Player budget: below average (76 mill)
Prospect budget: high (20 mill)
Draft budget: low-moderate, college scouting (12 mill)
high school scouting (8 mill)

Number of picks Rounds 1-5: 5


Round 1 Pick 20 SS Francisco Cela
Either a poor fielding SS, or an average 3B, Cela would be pretty much league average everywhere on the board both offensively and defensively. While he runs the bases well, he is not a base-stealing threat. Would likely end up batting 7th or 8th in most lineups, including this one.
ML Proj: 520 AB/10-12 HR/.260-.270 BA

Round 2 Pick 86 RF Mo Perez
Good base-running, and great speed, combined with his batting eye, will make him a very effective minor league leadoff hitter. Unfortunately, the rest of his hitting skills aren't good enough for the ML. Ceiling AAA

Round 3 Pick 118 SP Damaso Bonifacio
Minor league starter. Ceiling AA

Round 4 Pick 151 SP Hipolito James
Minor league starter. Ceiling AA

Round 5 Pick 183 SP/RP Cozy Hayes
Short inning starter or long relief. Ceiling AAA

Hidden Gems: none apparent

Overall Grade: C-
The Bishes got very little out of this draft, but that is not surprising given what little they had to work with. Starting wih the 20th overall pick, they quickly jumped down to 86th overall with their second pick. Hard to build a team picking from those positions.

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