Saturday, October 15, 2011

S20 Draft Review - Tucson Long Riders

Tucson Long Riders

Needs: OF, C, SP
Infield either has players in place, or on the rise
Outfield lacks depth and is aging
Desperately need a young catcher with some ML pop
Long and short relief has arms in place, and replacements on the way
Rotation lacks depth and a bonafide ace

Draft Preparations:
Player budget: bottom third (69 mill)
Prospect budget: high (24 mill)
Draft budget: Even mix of college and high school funding at moderate levels (15 mill each)

Number of Draft Picks rounds 1-5: 6

Round 1 Pick 2 P Babe Colin 
Everything a top 5 pick should be. Ace quality SP with superior splits (left/right) especially against left handed hitters. Outstanding control and velocity, he will be a strikeout machine. Although his pitch count will be slightly on the low side (only 100-105 maximum), his great control will make those 105 pitches take him deep into games. 4 ML quality pitches. Feature pitch is the sinkerball.
ML Proj: 220 IP/18-20W/220+ K/2.00-2.50 ERA 

Round 1 Pick 45 (Supp) RP Dee Long
Solid short relief prospect. Good left/right splits. High velocity. Average control. 3 solid ML pitches, feature pitch is screwball. Makeup and health good. GB/FB ratio good. Serious signing problems.
ML Proj: 70 IP/2.50-3.00 ERA

Round 2 Pick 65 2B Ronald King 
Steady, yet unspectacular, 2B prospect would fit well in bottom third of most batting orders. Has health issues. Good durability and makeup, should make close to projections if not hampered by injuries. Good baserunner, but little speed.
ML Proj: 550-600 AB/8-10 HR/.270 BA

Round 3 Pick100 3B Omar Arnold 
Average to slightly below average infielder with good power. May be better suited to RF. Health risk, and moderate durability means he will miss upward of 20-30 games per year. Average splits may keep him out of ML. Below average running skills.
ML Proj: borderline player 450 AB/35 HR/.240 BA - if played

Round 4 Pick 133 SP Les Taylor   
Career Minor Leaguer could make some emergency starts. Ceiling AAA

Round 5 Pick 165 2B/LF Joe Loaiza 
Listed as 2B, probably better as a LF. Good contact, and good speed will make him a career minor league leadoff hitter. Ceiling AAA

Hidden Gems: None Apparent

Overall Grade:A-
There were some distinct holes to be filled, and it appears Tucson tried to go after their much needed ace.  Great top end picks, but little produced after the 2nd round.   

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