Saturday, October 15, 2011

S20 Draft Review - Vancouver Shock

Vancouver Shock 

Needs: C, CF, RP
Weak hitting platoon catchers need replacement
Infield appears set long-term
Outfield depth is lacking, and CF should become a priority
The current starting rotation is weak, but a long sequence of talented youngsters are gaining experience in the minors
The bullpen is filled with a mixture of arms, but could certainly be upgraded with higher quality talent.

Draft Preparation:
Player budget: Near league average (79 mill)
Prospect budget: Very high (29 mill)
Draft budget: Extremely low - little access to prospects
college scouting (9 mill) high school scouting (4 mill)

Number of draft picks Round 1-5: 7

Round 1 Pick 15 SP/RP  Jolbert Galvez 
Talented starting pitcher with problems maintaining stamina. Tires very quickly after the 5th inning. Good health and makeup. Excellent left/right splits. Works all four of his ML quality pitches effectively. Feature pitch is the sinkerball. Moderate velocity and good control means he relies on ball movement to get outs. Very good FB/GB ratio.
ML Proj: 150-180 IP/12-14 W/2.60-3.20 ERA

Round 1 Pick 51 (supp) SP Sherman Sweeney 
Mid-rotation starter projects to number 3 or 4, or possibly 5 on a good staff. Uses velocity and control to get hitters out. Overall low pitch command will make him hittable, especially to big bats looking for the long ball. FB/GB ratio will help to keep the HR numbers down.
ML Proj: 190-200 IP/12-15 W/3.50-3.80 ERA

Round 1 Pick 61 (supp) RP Alberto Beltre 
Mixed bag late inning reliever. Will tirelessly work innings out of the bullpen with good durability and stamina projections. Above average control will mix with moderate velocity to serve up many hittable pitches to hitters. 2 ML quality pitches with outstanding command. Feature pitch is the fastball. FB/GB ratio is a concern.
ML Proj: 100+ IP/4.00-4.50 ERA

Round 2 Pick 79 RP Timothy Lennon 
Overall, Lennon should be a more reliable reliever than Beltre. Fewer big innings and better adept at holding the opposition at bay for the late inning staff to close the door. Good health and makeup. Excellent control and low velocity. Most effective against southpaw hitters with 2 solid ML pitches. Feature pitch is the screwball.
ML Proj: 90-100 IP/2.80-3.30 ERA

Round 3 Pick 113 CF Ned Sveum 
Lack of range means he would be better suited to LF. Does not bring enough to the plate to warrant a ML job. Ceiling AA, possibly AAA

Round 4 Pick 146 LF Charlie Haynes
Signing issues that are not relevant since he is not worth the 2.1 mill he is demanding. Ceiling AAA

Round 5 Pick 178 LF Doug Zimmerman
Ceiling AA

Hidden Gems: none apparent

Overall Grade: B-
Added 4 potential big league arms to the pitching staff, providing depth for both the rotation and the bullpen. The needs behind the plate and at CF were missed entirely, and will become even more urgent next year.

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