Saturday, November 12, 2011

Final Two Days: AL East Picture

We won't need to go to the tiebreaker system, as someone is guarenteed to win outright.

Trenton is officially eliminated. Congrats to the Thunder on a great final run!

Toledo gets the division title with one win in the final two games against Jacksonville.

Jacksonville wins the division with a sweep of the final two games.

In the AL, seeding is finalized. Jackson and Augusta have the top two seeds and the byes. Portland is third, with the winner of the East 4th. Charlotte and Sante Fe are 5th and 6th.

In the NL, Tampa has clinched top seed, with Burlington needing 1 more win (or a St. Louis loss) to clinch 2nd seed and the bye over the Redbirds. Chicago is locked into the 4th seed.

Iowa's and Scranton's positioning are still in question. Iowa's needs one win (or a Scranton loss) to clinch the higher 5th seed. Scranton needs two wins and two losses from Iowa to leapfrog.

Should be fun watching the East play out. Good luck!

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