Sunday, November 6, 2011

Upcoming Games to Watch by cebola

They'll be some good scoreboard watching over the next couple days. Here are some of the big series that start Monday 11/7...

Toledo @ Trenton: This is Trenton's opportunity to make a run for the division title. A sweep will get them right into the three way race along with Jacksonville.

Sante Fe @ Wichita: Wichita can do the same for the Wildcard race with a sweep of Sante Fe, who plays tough on the road.

Jackson vs. Charlotte: Jacskon officially clinches the division with two out of three. Red hot Charlotte could cause the Colonels to squirm a little with a sweep.

Iowa @ Tampa: Iowa will cause some uneasiness in the Southern Bay area with a sweep. My Dons need at least one to clinch the head-to-head tiebreaker for the division.

New Orleans vs Texas and then vs. Scranton (both at home): If New Orleans can continue their hot streak against the cellar-dwelling Texas team, they set up a very important series with Scranton in the NL Wildcard race. Scranton visits D.C. before going to New Orleans for four important games.

Be sure to make good use of our fabulous new scoreboard to check out these results!