Saturday, November 5, 2011

S20 Draft Review - Washington DC Senators

Washington D.C. Senators 

Needs: 1B, 2B
Solid behind the plate with 2 players in their prime and one on the way
Need more power at 1B to replace aging Garland. 2B also needs to be addressed in the next few seasons.
With plenty of talent at the COF positions, slick fielding , but light hitting Dellaero will not be out of place
The Senators rotation is shaping up to be a dandy
The bullpen also has plenty of young strong arms throughout

Draft Preparation:
Player budget: top third (96 mill) because of a few high priced FA
Prospect budget: Moderate (16 mill)
Draft budget: low-emphasizing HS talent
college (5 mill) High school (12 mill)

Number of Draft Picks Rounds 1-5: 4


Round 1 Pick 13 SP Kid Spahn 
On this staff he will probably be inserted into a long relief role, but he could also be used as a short inning starter. Good left/right splits, but a bit wild with high velocity. At least he will keep the opposing hitters honest at the plate. A bit of a stretch for pick number 13, he most probably should have been a supplemental pick. 4 nasty ML grade pitches with very good command. Features a tandem fastball and slider.
ML Proj: 120 IP/3.50-4.00 ERA

Round 3 Pick 111 SS Pokey Hernandez 
Very highly skilled defensively, Hernandez will likely see time as an all purpose utility infielder in the bigs. His left/right splits are good enough to get him a few at bats.
ML Proj: 200 AB/3 HR/.220 BA

Round 4 Pick 144 2B Bert Romine
AAA talent at best

Round 5 Pick 176 SS Jay O'Malley 
Another good defensive talent but offense not good enough for the bigs. Ceiling AAA

Hidden Gems: Albert Cohen  RP

Overall Grade: C-
Patrick didn't expect much from this draft, and in the end he didn't get much. He should have gotten far more value for his first pick than he actually got, but he also landed a pretty useful player in the third round that somewhat made up for it. He still needs to address his growing concerns at 1B, and 2B.

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